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10 Things About SemGeek You Probably Did Not Know

Once in a while I like to step away from the seriousness of PPC and Search Marketing and have some fun once in a while. (People who know me, are saying yeah right?) So, sit back and enjoy the things you may not know about me.

#1. Model Airplane Champion:

Greg-meyers-airplanes I was once a Jr. Champion of the East Coast Division of the AMA. No, not the American Medical Association, but the Academy of Model Aeronautics. I spent time with my Dad flying handcrafted Balsa Wood models, Hand Launched Gliders and Free Flight Model Aircraft.

One of my biggest wins happened to be one of biggest losses when the P-40 Warhawk I built got lost in the clouds and I never see the model plane ever again. I won the 1st place trophy as I had the best time in the air (while it was still visible) but still today, I wonder where the hell it landed.

#2. An Elevator Got Me My First Job Out Of College:

In Summer of 1995, I got my first job in the Adult Entertainment Industry (hey Top Web Technology comes from the Porn Industry) where I was a Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Web Designer. However, that is not the funny part. I was actually stuck in the elevator for about 2 hours after my initial Job Interview and I have been told that I got the job because they felt bad that I was stuck in the Elevator. I wound up being the 1st ever Employee of the Year and was one of the leading Web Designers in the company, but I have a feeling it was the Philadelphia Swat Team, 3 Fire Engines and a dozen police officers using the Jaws of Life to free me from the 100+ degree temps.

#3. Collection of Vintage Star Wars Figures.

Star-wars-vintage-figures Since most of my childhood was playing with Star Wars figures which eventually ended up buried in the ground and after Ebay put a price and demand on these figures, I decided to start collecting them again. Well, I have a good collection of many of these figures, but I am still looking for the ultra Rare "Blue Snaggletooth and Yak Face, as they are quite expensive. Once I make my first million, the first two things I will buy on ebay will be those 2 rare action figures.

#4. My First Car was a 1977 Gold Monte Carlo (Fred Flinstone Edition)

Fred-flintstone-car Yes, my very first car was a Golden Tuna Boat with rusted floors in the back seat. It was not exactly the best looking car on the road to pick up chicks, but it served as entertainment for my friends and my (now Sister-in-Law) who was like 10 years old at the time, once removed the floor liner and said "hey Greg, should I be worried that I can see the street and the yellow lines". Ever since then it was called the "Flintstone Tuna Boat".

#5. Most Memorable Celebrity(s) Encounter: Wizard World Convention

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Brian O'Halloran who portrayed Dante in Clerks I, II and many other Kevin Smith Movies. I also was on "cloud nine" when I had a join conversation with Jeremy Bullock (Original Boba Fett Actor), Brian O'Halloran, Ray Park (Darth Maul), a few other Jedi's from the new and old Star Wars movies. We all talked about the weather, the crazy people who dressed up as their characters and what they were planning on doing that evening.

#6. Hired as a "BOUNCER" at Local High School

SwayzeRoadHouse After watching the 1989 movie "Roadhouse" starring Patrick Swayze, I took on the challenge of being a bouncer at a local High School's Battle of the Bands night, and boy was it a battle. Not a battle for the Bands but actually having to body slam and controlling a "crazed up" kid who also attacked the police. Yep, I literally had to wrestle and pin down this nutty kid and prepare for the cops to pick him up and take him to the station. My other Bouncer partner went to me "You know you live this night down will ya?" 

I remember the feeling later that night when I had to go the Principal's office to pick up my paycheck and when he went into his desk and handed me a $50 check he said "I know this is not nearly enough for what happened tonight, but the Archdioceses of Philadelphia is very thankful"

#7. Not So Typical Artist in Upstate New York College

One of my best memories was my time as a student at a small Liberal Arts College in Upstate New York. Cazenovia College was the best thing that had ever happened to this High School "C" Student. I learned how to eat Mac'n-cheese in a microwavable cake mold, drank Milwaukee Beast as my primary beverage and got addicted to Classic Rock.

I also met some very interesting people and made many friends who were both Artists and Accounting Majors. Funny, the Accounting students were more wild than the artists. Anyways, I lost like 35 lbs in my Freshman year, was drafted #1 for the Gym Hockey Team and walked to class often in 4+ ft of snow.

#8. I was a Poet and Didn't Even Know It

During my first year in college after a few Creative Writing classes, I decided to submit a Poem I had written to this advertisement I found in a newspaper. Well, if you ever heard of those Gimmicks where if you buy the Book, they will publish your poem, well that was how I got published. I still remember the poem today and if by chance, you would like to see the poem, just email me.

#9. Sports Injury on St. Lucia Honeymoon

When my wife and I booked our honeymoon to St. Lucia with SANDALS, we were excited to receive all of the perks that come with the trip. However, the best one for all, for me personally, was a set of these leather sandals awarded to couples for their accumulation of points from various activities from drinking games, to volleyball. Well, on the last day of our honeymoon, we were 100 points away from those Sandals and I had one last event to participate in to get the gift. Well, I accidentally tripped over another person, and broke my toe on a shell on the beach. I quickly went to the Dr's office in the hotel and the nurse took care of me by (1) Shaving my BIG TOE, (2) putting a Popsicle stick underneath and (3) wrapped scotch tape around it in place.

To make a long story short, I told the Activities Director that I want these damn Sandles and I broke a limb to get them. The hotel was great, as they felt so bad they sent 2 bottles of champagne to the room so I can get drunk and look at the nice shaving job on my toe. It was truly a great honeymoon at SANDALS St. Lucia.

#10. My First Rock Concert Experience(s):

When I was about 15 yrs. old, I attended two rock concerts that year. The Hooters (No not the Buxom Restaurant Chain), the local Philadelphia Rock Band who was famous for the song "and we danced……."

The second concert that summer was The Cure. Yes, I had my 80's hair all punk'd out and the song "Just Like Heaven" was all over the air waves. I was officially going through that "punk" phase.

In Conclusion:

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this rather entertaining post and depending on your age, I hope you can understand or even remember the same things I been through. I would love to hear some of your most outrageous experiences that you would be willing to talk about and keep the conversion going on this blog post. All you have to do is COMMENT below.



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