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2008 DreamForce Conference Draws Some Big Names

Ever heard of SalesForce? Well, you should. It’s one of those types of software that has "Changed the World" for many businesses and entrepreneurs. Salesforce can be identified as Software. Oops, sorry it’s kinda like a Product. But it’s also a Service. Well, that’s not exactly correct neither. To solve this identification problem, Salesforce has coined the term "Software as-a-Service". So now you’re wondering who are the big names and why the heck is a Search Marketing Geek talking about SalesForce. Let’s discuss:

So,who are the big names in Attendance?

* A performance by the Rock Group The Foo Fighters (Wow, they use Salesforce to track ticket sales?)

Keynote Speakers:

According to the SalesForce website, this year’s conference brings you an outstanding range of executives who’ll give you an
insider’s view on the future of business and technology. The speakers mentioned below promise to bring the insight
and innovation you need, whether you’re looking for cutting-edge tools, trends, new products, or

Here are the Keynote speakers:

  • Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,
  • Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO, Dell
  • Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point
  • Neil Young, Musician, Visionary
  • Larry Brilliant, Executive Director,

What does this have to do with Search Marketing?

Well first off, Salesforce offers a very unique integration with Google adwords to track leads as well as identify which keyword(s) and Ad(s) generated by that lead. Furthermore, it also provides an impressive "real-time" dashboard which includes gauges, goals and top search statistics. For example, if you are a For Profit Company or NonProfit and want to organize, monetize and track leads, contributions and even develop a sales pipeline, SalesForce is a web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that you should consider using.

What is Salesforce:
Salesforce is the proven leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) which delivers the most innovative technology and making it as easy as possible to share and manage business information. It is a CRM software-as-a-service solutions combined with award-winning functionality, proven integration, point-and-click customization, global capabilities, and the best user experience and the result is CRM success. It also That’s why Salesforce has earned the trust of its customers and a customer success rate of 95%*. – This information can be found on’s website.

What is DreamForce:
Dreamforce is a conference that is full of insightful keynotes, inspiring sessions, hands-on training, and incredible
innovations. From the moment you check in you’ll be enveloped in a community that’s determined to
share success and have fun doing it. It is truly a unique experience—with new ideas around every
corner. Dive into the action with an array of diverse activities: breakout sessions, visionary
keynotes, networking events, and more."

What to Attend? Here’s some Information for you:

Click here to register for the 2008 DreamForce Conference

Standard registration is $1,199 USD


Dreamforce ’08 features an additional set of full-day, hands-on training courses. Click here for descriptions and a full schedule.

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  2. Any news on the 2009 conference dates? I looked around and didnt see any. Thanks!

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