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2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs Provide Historical Google Search Volume. But Where’s the PPC Advertisers?

Oooh, a story about two of my life’s passions. NHL Hockey and Search Engine Marketing. Alright, regardless if you are a true Hockey Fan, BandWagoneer, live in the city of either Philadelphia or Chicago, or just Search Marketing Geek, the online searching behaviors of our society are making an impact on what is happening offline, especially with this year’s Lord Stanley’s Cup. (Yes, Semgeek is a huge Philadelphia Flyers Fan, regardless if they win or lose). According to a recent article in Forbes Online, there’s been an increase of Google Searches of historical proportions for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Let’s discuss…

According to the Forbes “SportsMoney” article entitled “The Stanley Cup Playoffs Spark A Surge Of Google Searches” by contributor Maury Brown, Maury mentions that “not only have the Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks given solid TV ratings for the Stanley Cup Finals, they have also been responsible for the surge of Google searches, with 2010 going off the chart in terms of volume.”

He also goes onto say that the spike in interest is not only being noticed in Michigan and Pennsylvania, but also surprisingly in Washington State (which is sort of strange, unless there is a huge hockey following)

But, when I replace my Hockey Helmet with a PPC Hat, I have the urge to do a Google search on HEAD terms such as “Stanley Cup Playoffs” as well as different concatenations of the term,  and frankly I am SHOCKED!!!! There’s NOBODY there! However, when you search on individual teams, regardless of Geographic locations, there is plenty of competition.

So what does this mean for PPC Advertisers? Well, first of all they are missing out on opportunities to not only sell Stanley Cup Merchandise or Stanley Cup Coverage to the Hockey Faithful, they are “most importantly” missing the very lucrative “un-seasoned” and “in-experienced” Hockey Fans where all they know is to search on terms such as Stanley Cup or Stanley Cup Playoffs and are frankly missing the “Zamboni” goldmines of reaching their audiences.

Furthermore, this is significant because throughout the history of the NHL, accumulating and increasing the general TV audience has been a difficult task, with the overall dominance of MLB, NFL, NBA, etc… This is an AMAZING accomplishment for the NHL and it needs to be talked about!

In Conclusion:
Paid Search Marketing is still evolving and the days of bidding on obvious search terms is long gone. We now live in a world that is not only viral but multi-channeled and whatever trends that are happening offline (Neilson Ratings) are also being mirrored online. Searching Behaviors are getting more complex everyday and search marketers need to be aware of these trends to maximize their clients/businesses performance.


  • Fish where the Fish are!
  • Test the waters.
  • Learn from your experience through analytics
  • Do not forget about TV, Radio and Print
  • Always try different tactics to maximize your returns.

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