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5 “Grassroots” Tips To Effective PPC Keyword Research

Keyword Research Software and Tools are getting better all of the time and yes they have value. However, sometimes the most effective keyword research DOES NOT require a single penny. In fact, it’s Free, available and most of the time “Right in front of you’re face” and you don’t even realize it. The only thing it requires is some past experience, CREATIVITY and “outside the box” thinking. Are you intrigued yet? Let me discuss….

#1 Content is Keyword Gold:
This often gets overlooked as advertisers don’t realize that in the product/service content lies many opportunities to find the right people. Keyword Tools provide a great understanding on how people search and populate top search terms, but they do not necessarily mean they are good for your campaigns. When mining for keywords in your content, look for specific modifiers, indirect terms and even phrases that ask a question.

#2 Get the Most out of Every Product/Service Description:
If the advertiser/retailer has created a campaign based on the product name or category, that is NOT enough. Not everyone is going to search that way. The goal is to identify every possibility for someone to search for your products/service. For example, here are some quick examples of a keyword/adgroup  strategy if you sell Books online, you want to have the following keywords/specific adgroups

  • Author Name
  • Full Book Title
  • Short Versions of Book Title
  • Misspellings of Book Title
  • Various different modifiers (hardback, softback, etc….)
  • Specific Editions
  • ISBN Number
  • Any information relevant in the product description

#3 Utilize Organic Search Queries:
This strategy does not get the credit it deserves. Just because you’re targeting a bunch keywords in PPC does not mean that SEO or Organic Searches are irrelevant. It’s quite the opposite. Identifying search queries that Organically that have not been covered in PPC is an INSTANT GOLDMINE waiting to be discovered. Too many times lost opportunities or failures in PPC are do to the lack of data mining on the organic side. Do Google a Favor, find where people are searching for you in SEO.

#4 Not Everyone Searches the Same Way:
There are so many different ways people search for things and if the advertiser does not utilize this, they are throwing possible conversions down the toilet. how many times have you had conversations with other who says the same damn thing, but use different words. Here’s a classic example.

Advertiser: Local Phone & VOIP Service Provider
Services: Local Phone Services
Types of Related Search Terms:

  • Home Phone Service, Home Phone Telephone Service
  • Local Phone Service, Local Telephone Service,
  • Residential Phone Service, Residential Telephone Service
  • Local Land Line Phone Service, Local Land Line Telephone Service
  • VOIP Phone Service, VOIP Telephone Service
  • Voice over IP Phone Service, Voice over IP Telephone Service
  • Internet Phone Service
  • Web-based Phone Service

#5 Utilizing Internal Search Queries & Live Chats:
This is an “oldie but a goodie” that needs to be mentioned again, especially with Live chat services. Just because you got people to your site, does not mean you know what they are going to do. In fact, wouldn’t you love to know what the hell they are typing into your website search box? What if they are searching for someone that you do not sell? That would be a good enough reason to start looking at your internal search queries.

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  1. Saija says:

    Thanks, what a great article! I especially liked the internal live chat and search box data idea.. definitely will go after this! 🙂

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