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adCenter Finally “Comes of Age” with New Agency Enablement Feature

I know it might be a little late to the game, but adCenter recently announced on August 15th, they announced their new Agency Enablement feature that will make account management of adCenter campaigns much more efficient. It’s not the BEST name in the PPC world, but never the less, it’s HUGE step forward for adCenter to help agencies spend more money in Yahoo/Bing. Now most PPC Agencies are probably using 3rd party software such as Acquisio, Marin and others, however for those smaller agencies and even “in-house” ppc marketers handling different divisions/accounts, it’s definitely helpful.


Learning or “stealing” from the Google model:

It’s a “no-brainer” for Microsoft to copy Google’s MCC interface as most PPC Marketers are used to the functionality and expect nothing less. However, unless Google can somehow sue Microsoft for stealing their processes, it’s a smart move by Microsoft to take advantage of the existing behaviors of PPC Marketers for easier adaptation of their Agency Enablement option. I am just surprised that it took this long to finally listen to all of the past complaints.


Deeper Look into the adCenter Agency Enablement Features

  • Linking / Unlinking:  Easily link or unlink your agency relationships without losing your account or performance history.
  • Onboarding:  Send a new or existing advertiser a request to manage their account for quick and easy onboarding and account management.
  • Billing:  More control and flexibility for both agencies and advertisers over billing preferences.
  • Account Level Agency Management:  Agencies can manage client accounts at the account level, rather than the customer level, providing advertisers greater flexibility in tailoring their account management needs to the unique needs of their business.


Click here to read more about adCenter Agency Management

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One Response to "adCenter Finally “Comes of Age” with New Agency Enablement Feature"

  1. All I can say is about time. If Bing wants to get a bigger market share of Search, they need to be one step behind (if not ahead) of Google. If Google has it, Bing needs it and if Google doesn’t have it, Bing should do it or get it – like the Link Deletion tool (or whatever it is cooled).

    Great update. Would be cool to see some screenshots and walk throughs…

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