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Adwords Display Performance Sinking? Facebook Ads to the Rescue

Yeah, I never thought I would be saying this, but with so many businesses struggling to keep their ROI% in check and those who are just starting out, Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities can be that life preserver you need to keep afloat. Over the past few years, I have been shifting some of my clients PPC Dollars into Facebook Ads, not so much for conversions, but for behavior and demographics data (which are goldmines) that can be applied to Adwords Display and in some cases Yahoo/Bing. With that said, no one knows their customers more than the advertiser/client, however PPC Marketers have an advantage in terms of emerging trends, related interests and online searching behaviors.


For example, I have taken over client accounts where the Display Network never worked for them and the client insisted that the Network was a waste of money because it does not tailor to their targeted demographic. This is where the Strategy started to shift to Facebook Ads for the sole purpose of identifying behavioral patterns which including both broad and specific interests, along with different Age and Sexual Orientation segments.


The End Result?

We were able to reaching potential prospects who where within a specific age range, sex and had both broad and specific interests.  The revised Display Strategy consisted of the creation of multiple adgroups tailored to the Interests identified in the Facebook Strategy which included targeted

  • Display Banners
  • Keyword Themes
  • Landing Pages.

Furthermore, it was this one strategy idea, that eventually led to a “hybrid” strategy which continues to grow and the client is encouraging more audience testing.


In Conclusion:

For Advertisers who either “do it themselves” or have an “agency” working for them, I would consider using Facebook Ads not so much for immediate profitability, but for behavioral analysis that can be applied to all other online marketing strategies. Advertisers should also have an “open-mind” when it comes to other platforms, as a few opinions of others who have tried and failed, probably failed because they did not understand what was the success.


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