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Are Paid Search Ad/Creatives Really Worth It?

I often wonder how important well-written Ads for SEM campaigns really are in today’s highly competitive world of Paid Search. Too often, online marketers associate great CTR% at the Ad/Creative level as their main KPI (Key Performance Indicator) when classifying the campaign as  success. However, after many years dabbling in Google Adwords and other engines, Ad/Creatives really only serve one (1)  main purpose. INCREASE your SEM Budgets. That’s it. It does not guarantee revenue, sales or leads.  (that is up to your website’s products, services, conversion and/or cart process.

On the one hand, I am not bashing the Art of writing effective, well performing Ads because they deserve merit for their sucess. But the bigger issue still remains. Is this increasing my Revenue and ROAS%? This is the million dollar question that every SEM should be aware of and they need to reinforce the idea of driving qualified sales and leads of a product or service that is both profitable and increases brand awareness.

To often, after several months of a successful SEM campaign, the traffic volume for branded keywords increases and overall online sales increase while "SEM only" revenue tails off. This is a natural event and should be taken as SUCCESS and not Failure. What’s happening is that you are creating a loyal customer base where they are  "Bookmark/Type-ins", instead of using your hard earned SEM dollars to find you again.

To conclude, well-written Ads are an important tactic to driving qualified traffic to your website and also help identify with the visitor’s intent. But in this situation, they are not the driving force in achieving additional sales and revenue.

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