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As The PPC Soap Opera Continues, Are You Becoming A Conspiracy Theorist Too?

With the recent news of Yahoo suspending their Ambassador Certification Program, a few things come to mind, none of which I expected this soon. But with Microsoft lurking around to take over some of those online advertising dollars, you must say to yourself "something is going on behind the scenes".

First it was Yahoo acquiring Indextools, then MSN looking to buy Yahoo, then recently FaceBook. Now, Yahoo suspends their Ambassador Program. If you are a Conspiracy Theorist, (like myself at time) you have to think about these things. Did you have an IndexTools or Yahoo Rep(s) resign in the last month or so? Ironically, I have.

If I put on my SemGeek hat and call up Doc Brown for a little trip in a "suped-up" DeLorean with 1.21 Jiggawatts of raw power and a Flex Capacitor which as not been contracted out China or made by Microsoft, I can see the following:

  1. Google remains the main Search Product Platform (Google + Yahoo)
  2. Yahoo becomes elite Search Partner as an opt-in network within Google interface
  3. Yahoo becomes Elite Behavioral/Display Advertising Platform
  4. Yahoo Rolls out Banner Ad Network Certification Program
  5. Google expands its Adwords Certification Program to Universal Certification

You may say to yourself, WOW SemGeek you are way out in right field with this one. However, there are 3 things that we know about Yahoo.

  1. They are not focusing on Search. They are investing their future on Advertising networks  and Behavioral targeting
  2. Getting rid of the ambassador program is a sign that they are making some big changes with their search program.
  3. They would much rather do a deal with Google than Microsoft.

If this is a sign of a possible partnership for Yahoo to hand over Google Adwords, what does this mean for PPC Geeks like us? Here are my quick observations.

Will it save us time?
Personally, Yes. I think it will make our lives a little bit easier. If it’s one (1) interface or integrated Adwords Editor it will save time.

Will it inflate the CPCs even higher?
Not sure. Depends on how Google sets up the Networks. Currently we have 3 types of Google Networks and adding a separate 4th Network for Yahoo may give advertisers a choice but expect an increase from the current (non quality score) Yahoo CPCs.

Will this Affect the Google Content/Site Networks:
Interesting scenario to think about. Since Yahoo cannot penetrate the contextual side of search, perhaps Google will enhance their image display option to include Yahoo’s Behavioral Targeting and Ad networks.

In Conclusion:
It was a fun ride thinking about all of the possible scenarios and playing the role of Nostradamus for a while.  No matter what happens, this is a very exciting time for us Search Geeks. We are involved in an exploding market which is changing all of the time and influencing the ever changing creation of a new channel that affects the whole world. Let’s just hope no one takes advantage of what we all have contributed to.

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