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Attention Paid Search Marketers. How Do You React?

If someone were to ask me what is the key to maintaining a successful PPC campaign, I would say "Reacting swiftly and intelligently". As in life, (see photo on left from the Slap Fight scene from Napoleon Dynamite) we cannot predict the future, but in PPC we can at the very least setup an intelligent campaign based on relevant keyword research & structure, attractive Ads/Creatives and landing pages that direct the visitor to the page they are looking for. However, no matter how great a campaign or adgroup may be, something strange almost always happens during the lifecycle of the campaign. Let me dig a little deeper into what I am talking about…

Is it an UFO or an Abduction?
No I am not talking about Alien related UFO’s, even though I had read many books on the subject (TMI, considering I do not read many books) Anyways, I have witnessed strange anomalies with weekend editorial blunders, destination urls that get deactivated as the sites unexpectedly go down, or even when all keywords get turned off for no apparent reason. Of course, the UFO’s (in this case Unexpected Freakish Occurrences) can possibly be attributed to Algorithmic changes or simply 1-3x a year when the planets of Google and Yahoo are in alignment. Who cares what it is! But when push comes to shove and you have the client on the phone demanding answers like "what the hell did you do to the account….." You better tell them you are already on the phone with Search Engine Rep. as to what is going on.

But seriously, the only way to get ahead of this weirdness is to constantly monitor and react based on your knowledge and past experience. You can tell the experience level of a search marketer by how fast they react to a problem and solve it in a timely fashion.

In conclusion:
A slow response to an existing PPC campaign can be not only detrimental to your previous efforts, but is also an embarrassment to you and your organization. Have you witnessed these UFOs in PPC? Have you felt like you have been probed by late night email alerts from Google or Yahoo that your campaign has been deactivated? I believe as PPC  continues to increase in cost, the algorithms will be in overdrive to maximize revenues for their stockholders. As this happens, Clients as well as business owners will rely on you to react swiftly and accurately to make sure revenues and goals are met.

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3 Responses to "Attention Paid Search Marketers. How Do You React?"

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  2. Dara says:

    And if you don’t act swiftly…consider it being slapped in the face from the dork from Napolean Dynamite. 😉

  3. Dara says:

    And if you don’t act swiftly…consider it being slapped in the face from the dork from Napolean Dynamite. 😉

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