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Attention Sales Teams! PPC Marketers are More Than Just Geeks!

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FYI. Not all of us PPC Geeks look like this.

Based on the title of this post, you kinda get the picture that just because us PPC Geeks can figure out a Quality Score Algorithm doesn’t mean that we cannot switch gears and help increase the client pipeline. In fact, in my opinion, more sales teams should almost always utilize a PPC expert’s opinion and have them scope out a potential prospect before they start setting false expectations. We all know that the Sales Team is the KEY to keeping the business going that pays the bills. But having this extra level of filtration is a WIN-WIN not only for the PPC Marketer responsible for working on the account, but also the Sales Team so they do not waste their valuable time going after something that is more of a headache than a cash register.

I have seen more times than not, a disconnect between the expectations of a Sales call vs. a typical Kickoff call which leads to unhappiness from day one for everyone. No one wants to feel this aggravation and the last thing the agency needs is a “burned-out” PPC Marketer who has lost his/her passion for providing clients with top notch PPC services.

With that said, a solution to this problem is not really that difficult. It just requires a little pro-activeness, plus picking up the tab for a few rounds of beers at a swanky bar for the Sales Team wouldn’t hurt neither in order to get their buy-in to the logic that they need to have a PPC geek perform a Scope/Audit before getting the client to sign. Another tactic would be to provide them with a Questionnaire which can help filter out the good and the less desirable prospects that fit the agencies business model.

A typical Questionnaire for a Sales Team would have questions like:

I. Infrastructure Based:

  • Do you currently use Web Analytics Software?
  • Are you currently Tracking Conversions?
  • Do you have a Back-end Order System?
  • Do you take orders over the phone?
  • Do you have a system Admin or IT Department?

II. Performance Based:

  • What is your main Goal/Objective?
  • What is your Cost Per Acquisition?
  • Are there Seasonality trends that we should be aware of?

Furthermore, there are some other more “deeper” questions that could be answered by the prospect/lead and for example some of them would be like:

  • Do you have any Affiliate or Reseller Programs running?
  • Are you currently doing any offline advertising? (radio, tv, print…)
  • Do you have an events based “seasonality” calendar available?
  • Can you tell me what customer interaction points are currently being tracked on the website? (ie, newsletter signup, contact form, different forms, phone numbers, live chat, etc…)
  • Are you monetizing these events listed above?
  • Does your company own any registered Trademarks?
  • Have you filed Trademark protection with Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing?
  • Have you has any Trademark issues/complaints in the past from other companies bidding or using your Trademark in a Text Ad
  • Do you have any Legal requirements with other Vendors or Partners?
  • Who do you consider your Top Competitors?
  • Do you consider PPC Competitors as your true competitors?

In Conclusion
The bottom-line is that in order to get the right client to fit the agencies business model, all departments need to work together. Without Sales Teams we do not have clients to work on. Without PPC experts working on these clients and providing great results, the client’s don’t last, makes it harder for the sales team to continue to get clients and then the agency has a reputation management problem and no one wants that.

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