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Beware of The “Unwanted” Search Network Partners

Time and time again, advertisers get burnt when they opt-in to the Search Network Partner options in both Google and Bing/Yahoo. Sometimes, advertisers feel like it’s working because they are seeing leads at a better Cost per conversion (which is very deceiving) and others feel like its a total SCAM. Regardless of the  advertisers experience and opinion, PPC marketers need to take a deeper dive into the quality of these network partners, because if they don’t, it’s rather embarrassing.


AdCenter Distribution Confusion

Currently Yahoo & Bing offer (4) four different options are reaching different audiences, and conveniently (just like Google) all new campaigns default to all four of them.


AdCenter Distribution Confusion

AdCenter Distribution Confusion


The Irrelevancy Reveals Itself

Now, someone might say that having all of these different targeting options is a good thing. However, a simple AdCenter Report will reveal that the quality of some of the partner sites is pretty disgusting. For example, here are just a few of the network partners.

  • (doesn’t even work)


Don’t Get Blinded By Unqualified Conversions:

For PPC Marketers, understanding and dealing with Lead Quantity and Lead Quality is a difficult conundrum, especially when it’s the client/advertiser who receives the form, chat or phone request from the PPC source. Now, with the Search Network Partners it becomes even more difficult to manage the quality of the lead. In essence, just because an advertiser might see more conversions or better Cost Per Conversions does not mean SUCCESS. In fact, it could be a huge failure.


In Conclusion:

Search Network Partners from either Google or Yahoo/Bing are very suspect and need to be monitored very closely. As seen in this post, the quality of partner sites is pretty bad and does not paint a pretty picture for the Agency who is responsible for putting their faith in these platforms to deliver.


So word to the WISE.

  • Double and Triple check the Distribution Settings
  • Separate Partner sites as much as possible
  • Run Network reports as soon as you can
  • Work with the client to ensure lead quality





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3 Responses to "Beware of The “Unwanted” Search Network Partners"

  1. PPC Agency says:

    I have a question? How do you suggest we deal with sales people who click on our very expensive ads and send us sales emails?
    Even worse when we don’t buy from them and send emails to these sales people nicely asking them not to burn our ads they get revengeful and burn more ads from different IP addresses to hurt us.
    Any advice on this?

  2. Greg Meyers says:

    Well, which search terms are they bidding on? Brand Only? Do you see the search queries? I would try and identify the terms, add negatives where possible. I would also give Google a call and talk to a support rep. to see if they can help.

  3. PPC Agency says:

    I do agree with PPC Services.

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