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Bing Ads Editor 10.4 Will Make Advertisers Very Happy!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.08.01 AMIn the past and recent future, the Bing Ads Editor has not been the most user-friendly tool for advertisers. It has always lagged behind the Adwords Editor for many reasons. However I must say I was pretty impressed with their blog post about the release of the new 10.4 version. In the post entitled “Coming Soon: Bing Ads Editor 10.4 with Extended Targeting Enhancements” author Ping Jen provides some really good “in-depth” screenshots and information that speaks directly to their users. Another interesting thing to note from this post is that the language used continues to compliment the user experience from Adwords Editor, which is a very smart from a Marketing perspective. (If only it was compatible on a Mac 🙂 )


Here are some of the new Enhancements

  • Newly established targeting grid provides a full view of geo-targeting entries within an account for bulk management capability.  With this targeting grid, you also can easily verify how targeting settings migrated via Google Import are being applied.
  • Enhanced website exclusions tab supports in-line editing/validation, copy/paste functions
  • Enhanced Custom Location (i.e. radius targeting) supports direct entries between 1-500 miles or 1-800 kilometers.
  • Starting with this release, Bing Ads will unify your geo and radius targeting entries while screening traffic to provide you with improved flexibility.
  • Improved Sync Progress Bar which shows the steps of GET/POST CHANGES and the progress within each step.
  • Streamlined POST CHANGES process, which applies Editor’s changes automatically without conflicts resolution (if conflicting changes exist).  You can keep using GET CHANGES/Recent Changes option to verify/solve conflicting changes.
  • Duplicated Keywords Finder located at TOOLS/Find Duplicated keywords to help you identify duplicated keyword and negative keyword conflicts with ease:
  • Including ad group status in Keywords tab’s “COPY to CSV” output enables you to reference a campaign/ad group’s status while reviewing keywords’ activities:
  • Enhanced filter function on the Sync Setting window gives you more flexibility in selecting campaigns to download.
  • After using Google Import, check the Targeting tab under the Last Import view to see if there are un-supported targeting entries.  The most common errors are caused by city-level targeting in some international markets and zip code location targeting entries which are not directly supported by Bing Ads.  The alternatives are applying state/province level targeting (if city level is not available) and applying zip code targeting via radius targeting.
  • Review Advanced Location option (aka physical intent of your location targeting ) with the Targeting grid. The changes you make will apply to every entry applied to the same campaign/ad group.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Website URL (publisher) report, located in the Reports tab, copy the low-performing websites from the report and paste them directly to the Websites Exclusion tab to safeguard your ROI.


Bing Ads Editor GEO Targeting

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