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Blockbuster Shows Lackluster PPC Strategy To Compete With Gamefly

Whether you are a Netflix junkie like myself, or a past loyal customer of Blockbuster, I was quite surprised to see a very “Non-Holistic” online strategy. For example, Blockbuster has a Display Ad on Yahoo promoting their Blockbuster by Mail service, to ultimately compete with NetFlix and Gamefly. For example, if you read this recent article from PC World entitled “Blockbuster takes Aim at Gamefly” by Jared Newman, you will get a better idea on the importance of this PPC Strategy. With that said, here are just a few examples of why Blockbuster has failed to maximize their presence on the Search Engines.

Here are some simple examples where Blockbuster is nowhere to be seen in PPC:

1. Not Bidding On their own Brand Name “Blockbuster”

2. NOT Bidding on main Competitor such as “Gamefly” Brand term

3. Not bidding on all Targeted terms like “ps3 rentals” “x-box rentals”

4. Blockbuster Uses “Non-Differentiating ” Text Ads:

Of the places where Blockbuster is showing visibility through PPC such as “video game rentals” & “xbox rentals” and some others, their Text Ads are all the same. There is no relevancy in the CTA or anything different in the Text Ads, which is another problem area.

In Conclusion:

I am just surprised by the lack of PPC strategy and/or efforts on this recent push by the “once giant” Blockbuster to compete with the successful online gaming site You know, they are just missing the basic “Blocking and Tackling” areas of PPC best practices, not to mention the “outside the box” creativity to find potential customers or bring back customers from the past.

If Blockbuster wants to make a name for themselves through the online world, they MUST do a better job promoting their name, reaching out to younger audiences and testing older demographics because they are now playing in the market where their is a Generational Gap between Generation X, Y and the Echo Boomers. If they do not expand their strategy, no one will know they exist online.

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