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Branding As a PPC Strategy Is Making A Comeback

No matter how you look at it, bidding on your own brand term ultimately comes down to protection. For example, protection from false claims, unethical affiliates and resellers especially in this ever so-sensitive world of Trademark Infringements, it’s quite obvious that the Brand Campaign by itself will always be your most important campaign in terms of overall PPC ROAS%. Moreover, if you have had similar “friendly disagreements” with clients and/or even “In-House” higher ups that they should continue to bid on their own Brand even though they rank very well organically, in this blog post I will share with you the many different ways to view this strategy.

PPC Marketing is an “ever-changing” Complex Monster:
There is no other way to say it, but we must realize that PPC is a living and breathing thing that has many variables pushing the limits and savvy-ness of the searcher. It is the PPC marketers job to not only provide the best tactics, but to also provide “current up to date” strategies to best maximize their clients/company image and visibility in the search engines as well as their other respected partner sites with respect to content and display networks. Based on this reality, the idea of constant message testing and possible “offline” influence are becoming more important.

“Double Edged” Sword with Affiliate/Resellers
This is probably one of the biggest issues known today in terms of protecting and preserving Brands. It can also serve as a double-edged sword that can prosper one day and hurt you the next. There must be contractual limitations put on the resellers/affiliates in order to preserve brand reputation and other policies. However, based on the situation, affiliates/resellers can provide the opposite effect and push out other competitors enabling your client/company brand to own more real estate.

Overall Increased Real Estate:
As mentioned above regarding affiliates driving out competitors, just because you rank organically and through PPC does not mean there is redundancy. In fact, you are positioning your brand to own more of the SERP Landscape. Let’s just say your Brand is “to New to become a recognizable brand” it’s still a good idea to use PPC Advertising dollars for it. Think of it more as reinforcement rather than “double-dipping”.

Timely Offers and Promotions:
Using PPC to push time sensitive promotions and offers is the #1 most effective way to increase not only visibility for your Brand Messaging, but also for conversions. Remember, back in the late 90’s and early 2000, there were only message boards, tell-a-friend scripts, AIM and Email. Now with the growth of the “Social Conversation” (ie. twitter, facebook, etc..) the viral opportunities are greater than ever and using PPC as an effective tool to push offers and promotions will only enhance it’s effectiveness.

Reputation Management in both Search & Display:
This is another key factor in ensuring your Brand is protected and preserved. Does the company BP of the news coverage of the BP Oil Spill disaster ring a bell? Or past Political Presidential and Congressional races where candidates are bashing one another with either false or exaggerated claims. Yeah, I think you get the picture. These are PPC reputation tactics are not only for disasters or dirty political campaign advisers, they are also for your brand for which you have worked very hard to grow.

In Conclusion:
Do yourself a favor and Bid on the Trademark Term. There are too many ways to slice and dice the benefits to not do it. I would also suggest protecting your brand as best as you can while preserving your business goals and objectives. Remember, the more you see your Brand Name on any given SERP will only reinforce your image. Also, in case I forgot to mention, “Bid on your Trademark Term”

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