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Can PPC Marketing Determine the Winner of the 2012 Presidential Election?

Ever wonder if PPC Marketing could be a viable barometer on who’s going to win the election, at least from a Savvy-ness perspective? Well, that is tough to prove. However what is not hard to identify, are the Campaign(s) Strategy to maximize their Search Engine presence. In this post, I have some interesting data from my friends over at Spyfu – PPC Competitive Software that may not necessarily determine our next President, but perhaps less importantly decide which campaign has the best PPC Strategy. Let’s talk.


Comparison Breakdown:


Estimated Daily PPC Budgets:

According to Spyfu data, both the campaigns are showing the same gradual increase in PPC Budgets as we get closer to the election. However, it is safe to say that President Obama has a solid lead on Romney across the board from SEO to PPC.


Keyword Visibility Comparison

Now that we know that the Obama campaign is spending more and getting more visits that the Romney Campaign, I wanted to give my readers a little more insight into the size of their respected Adwords campaigns in terms of not only spend, but the amount of keywords being used. What is interesting here is not the obvious gap in keyword volume by the Obama Campaign, but more importantly the keyword overlap by the Campaigns bidding on each other. In another report I created, Romney is bidding on controversial campaign topics such as “obama plan, obama tax plan, obama care, etc..”


Here’s a snapshot from Spyfu which shows the big difference in Keyword Volumes:


In conclusion:

The information provided in the post is more for us PPC Geeks out there who wonder about this stuff. It’s clear Obama, (even in the 2008 Election) is far more savvy than his Republican Foes (but Ron Paul had an excellent website and online grass roots strategy). No matter what happens on November 6, 2012, our country will decide on the next President of the United States. One this is clear however, Google will be the ultimate winner in the end. (once again)

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  1. Marc Pearson says:

    Well it happened to work out in this situation. However, I don’t think you could ever use that as a real judgement for future election predictions.

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