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Doesn’t A “Twittering” Government Sound A Little Creepy To You?

I came across this very interesting blog called Social Butterfly which lists the Twitter Accounts of members of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates as well as the Senate, House of Representatives, The White House, Cabinets, etc… At first I was like, "cool", then I thought My Gosh, when someone tells you to write your congressman, does that also mean you can "Twitter Your Congressman." Below is a list of questions that first come to mind about this:

  1. Isn’t that a little dangerous across the board in general?
  2. Is the News Media the biggest subscribers, if not they should be?
  3. Does their Mistress have a Twitter Account?
  4. Who is "actually" typing this stuff in?
  5. Can we really trust a Twitter message more than a official letter?
  6. Is this just a fad to make it look like they are in tune with the 21st Century
  7. Wouldn’t they increase their risk of accidentally "leaking" something?
  8. Some in Congress cannot turn on a computer

As I raised some of the questions above, according to Social Butterfly and the website Let Our Congress Tweet, it states "Your efforts helped convince Congress to modernize its rules so they can join us on Twitter and other online communities. We also created Capitol Tweets, so you can keep up with the latest tweets from members of Congress!"

Here is an example of their Widget also:

In Conclusion:

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. It’s an interesting topic nonetheless. Hey, I love looking at the Election 2008 on Twitter, and the great points people are making, especially in the heated and nasty Presidential Election. But don;t you think that our Government has more important things to worry about than twittering that they "arrived in Wisconsin for a dinner paid for by a Lobbying firm" Who cares!

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2 Responses to "Doesn’t A “Twittering” Government Sound A Little Creepy To You?"

  1. You raised interesting points that really should be addressed by individual member of Congress’ offices. It’s important to remember that elected officials actually represent people in their districts and the contact between the constituents and representatives is an important part of their work. There nothing is more important to the work of an elected official that being able to check in with constituents. Twitter and other web 2.0 applications (youtube etc.) highlight the potential for members of Congress to engage in real time disclosure about their work. This is better than having citizens wait until they’re campaigning to find out what their representatives are up to.
    Nisha Thompson
    Outreach Coordinator
    Sunlight Foundation

  2. Greg Meyers says:

    Nisha, thanks for the comments. They are much appreciated.

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