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Essential eBook for all PPC Marketers with Text Ad Writing Fatigue

After doing PPC Marketing for over 10 years, one of the biggest time consuming and exhaustive challenges is writing ad copy for thousands of Text ads, especially within the character limits available. Well, I am pleased to announce a new eBook entitled “Write Ad Copy that Inspires Greatness” written by Elizabeth Marsten, Director of Search Marketing at Portent Interactive is absolutely refreshing and essential for PPC Gurus who need either a refresher course or new creative ways to write text ads. In this post, I will highlight my favorite areas of the book and discuss why.


My take on this Ebook:

The reason why this eBook is so valuable, is because it not only caters to newbies, it also gives those veterans out there a quick guide on best practices and a fresh new perspective in creative writing. It’s obvious that the text ad examples are both creative and edgy, but Elizabeth does a great job explaining the benefits as well as “how to” tips that I don’t even remember such as…. “Hold down the ALT key while creating the ad and type in: 0153 for the TM and 0174 for the ®.”


Very Entertaining to Read:

Even as a blogger, I am not much of a reader (I’d rather watch the movie). But what Elizabeth has put together makes me laugh at both the “PPC Geekdom Level” and well as the “OMG” level. Now, I am sure that many advertisers might shy away from “Late Night” type language, but it does raise the question of how best interact with the searcher. Marsten not only provides some really great examples, she also refers identifies which type of advertisers who would benefit from them. Here are some funny, yet interesting examples:


Now, below are my favorite examples of pushing the limits of Text Ad writing



Using Sound-based terms to engage searchers


Sound Dirty with Double entendres


Click here to Purchase “Write Ad Copy that Inspires Greatness” by Elizabeth Marsten

I do not normally endorse books, but I have to say that this eBook is definitely worth the $9.95. The humor alone pays for itself.


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