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Exclusive Interview With Trellian’s Direct Search Network

SemGeek is proud to present an exclusive online interview with the team at Trellian about their New and Exciting Direct Search Network.


Question #1:
Can you tell us a little more about the new Trellian Direct Search Network as well as the benefit it provides for the typical advertiser who is already using Traditional Search Engine Marketing?

The Trellian Direct Search Network is a direct navigation platform. Direct search or direct navigation as most of your audience knows, is a search performed in the address bar followed with a dot com. Trelllian Direct Search Network platform provides publishers and advertisers with highly targeted traffic redirected to their website.

Direct navigation is powerful because this is the fastest route a customer can take to your site. Research shows that direct navigators convert nearly 50% greater as users are presented a website highly relevant to their search. Because direct navigation by passes search engines altogether the Trellian platform provides marketers a powerful extension to any search marketing campaign.

Trellian controls the destination of 200 million unique visitors every month.

Question #2:
Can you explain to our audience the unique differences between Trellian Direct Search Network and the very familiarized Search Engine Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing?

Search Engine marketing without search engines. Direct navigation bypasses search engines altogether. With this method, the visitor is redirected straight to your website. Unlike organic or paid search your customer does not have to decide which ad or listing to click. No competing ads, no banners, no organic listings.

Recent independent studies by Mozilla and UCLA confirmed that direct navigation is a major part of the web user experience. Researchers discovered that direct navigators behave differently to traditional search engine users in three key ways: Far higher purchase intent-Not browsing, looking to buy -Not looking at alternative products or services.

Question #3:
Trellian in the past has been recognized for it’s KeywordDiscovery Tool and other reputable products. Why are you now entering the Search Marketing Industry with such as unique vertical? Has this idea been in the works for a while or was this just something that sort of happened overnight?

Trellian is a global leader in innovative web based services and solutions for SEO/SEM, advertisers, publishers, web developers and domain portfolio holders. Since 1997, Trellian has delivered quality products and services for government, fortune companies, online marketers and SEM professionals.

Trellian is acutely aware of the market shifts and needs and creates solutions to serve those needs.. Search engine marketers are seeking alternative traffic sources with higher conversions opportunities at a lower cost. Trellian Direct Search Network is our answer to delivering quality targeted traffic .


Question #4:
How does the Trellian Direct Search Network model work?

The Trellian bid interface is a bidding platform where you pay for unique visitors PPV. If you are used to running a PPC campaign then our interface is going to feel very familiar to you.

Enter a keyword with an option to add stop keywords, for specific targeted keyword campaigns. Trellian delivers matched, targeted unique visitors from domains in our network. Our PPV is, on average, 70% less than that of the average search engine CPC, without the competition. Trellian Direct Search Network delivers a platform that compliments current search engine campaigns.


Question #5:
With the emergence of PPC Software Tools such as Acquisio, ClickEquations, etc… in the marketplace, is the Direct Search Network compatible with these tools? If not yet, do you have any plans for this integration?

Answer: Much like our KeywordDiscovery tool the Trellian Direct Search Network provided an API for clients or agencies performing volume bid buys. TheDirect Search Network API can easily be implemented in any PPC tool. Requirements are posted in the API manual

Question #6:
Web Analytics plays a huge part in the continued success of any online advertiser. Does the AdNetwork provide detailed reports and analytics needed to monetize efficiently? Can your platform support additional Google or other web analytics tracking?

The network provides reports of traffic that is sent to your campaign. In the campaign set up we recommend that advertisers add their own tracking code or implement our suggested code to manage and track results.

Question #7:
Why Should an Advertiser Choose Trellian’s Direct Search Network?

Trellian makes Direct Navigation Marketing effective because we have the three key requirements covered: know how,infrastructure, and meaningful amounts of traffic. Advertisers need to know that they are working with someone that can be trusted. Trellian is the name behind many of the leading innovations in Search Engine Marketing and controls the ultimate destination of over 200 million Direct Navigation searches every month.

The Trellian Direct Search Network may not be for everyone. A Trellian account manager works with advertisers to identify specific needs and assist in creating a campaign. If we cannot help in specific areas we will be the first to tell you.

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