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Google Adwords: Check your Ad CTR% (Click-Thru Rate)


Have you checked your Adwords Ad Serving Lately? If not, I’d recommend checking it out now. I do not know if this is a widespread problem with the algorithm, reporting issue, quality score bug, etc.., but at Commerce360 (where I work), we started seeing something a little strange with the Ad Serving within Google Adwords. We were noticing that across a handful of clients, especially ones with Ad serving set to optimize. What was or still is happening is that the Ads/Creatives with the lowest CTR% are being served more often. (Hence the blurred screen shot above ^). We also ran this across multiple date ranges and still saw the same results.

So, I decided to call Google, and brought this to their attention. I explained to them the problem, they identified it (ie. confirming were not going crazy) and within 48 hours I received an email from a Rep. telling me that they have recently heard back from their technical team who said that it appears to be a technical issue causing the ad with the lower click through rate (CTR) to serve more often. Furthermore,  the engineers have been made aware of this, and are working towards a solution. However, I noticed two (2) Red Flags when they told me that they are not sure if this will be fixed in the near future. And the Rep. gave me the recommendation that I should pause the ad with the lower CTR to ensure that the better performing ad will be the one to serve. This last one really did not sit well me with.

The purpose of this Blog Post is not to bash Google by any means. In fact, they were very cooperative and attentive to the problem. However, my colleagues and myself at Commerce360 felt that we had to get the message out and blog about it to our peers in the industry.

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