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Google Channeling “Magazine Layouts” for Better Mobile User Experience

Ahh, the evolution on online behavior keeps on changing and in many cases, it’s starting to reinvent itself into the “ol magazine” world. We went from Desktops, to Smartphones, then Tablets. As more and more of these devices are being developed, Google has once again “stepped up the plate” to leverage all of these variations so that advertisers can get their most bang for their buck, or shall I say Googles’ buck. Let’s discuss…


In a recent article entitled “Building the next generation of display ads for a multi-screen world” Google makes the case that Mobile has created a new and interesting digital canvas for advertisers, however it’s not exactly benefiting the user-experience (just yet). So, they are launching what they call “new generation of display ads is changing how advertisers engage with consumers on mobile devices.


Over the next couple months, Google is going to roll-out specific, new ad formats just for the mobile environment. Here’s a snippet from the Inside Adwords BlogMobile lightbox Engagement Ads use your existing brand assets to automatically create engaging rich media ads in HTML5 that run seamlessly across devices and screens. The ads will dynamically resize to fit any ad size, making them quick-to-create, and you only pay when users engage. We built a demo of this new format for Kate Spade’s upcoming holiday campaign. These will soon be available in the AdWords Ad Gallery.


Video Ads:

Video ads for the AdMob network that people can choose to watch: TrueView ads have already been running across gaming apps in the AdMob network. In the coming months, they will roll out broadly across more apps in AdMob. With TrueView, your ads can reach consumers while they engage with their favorite apps. Plus, you only pay when a user chooses not to skip your ad.


Magazine Style Ads:

The magazine style text ad format has been extended as an interstitial in-app format for the AdMob network, bringing the glossiness of print magazine ads to the ease and practicality of a text ad. Google Display Network text ads automatically become eligible to serve in this new ad space.


Three New Tools to help make your existing ads mobile-ready:

  • Automatic mobile sizes for your image ads:
  • Interactive HTML5 backups when Flash isn’t supported:
  • HTML5 and in-app rich media ads built in minutes:

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