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Google DKI & Trademark Policies

As Paid Search continues to be the playground for Trademark infringement, it’s interesting to note that  companies that fill out the Google Trademark Policy Form and are approved, their trademark names and version of that trademark are also being blocked by the DKI (Dynamic Keyword Inclusion) option. This is rather significant considering all of the affiliate and after market reselling channels clogging up the space.

Most successful Paid Search clients have strong brand awareness and the more you can limit the companies bidding on your hard earned trademark terms, the more market share of white space becomes yours. In my experience, when clients fill out the trademark form, they see dramastic decreases in CPC and higher ROAS%.

You don’t get many Win-Wins in paid search, but this is definitely one of them.

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  1. Mark Vane says:

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  2. Reader says:

    I do in house SEM at a Fortune 50 company and we have seen a huge decrease in cpc’s from doing this. It is definitely worth the time to send Google, msn, etc… the required information

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