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Google Grants Changes Their Process For Program Acceptance

As someone who has been divulged into the Google Grants Program over the past couple years, it is my search marketers duty to report some new changes to the program which affect not only the application process, but also the next steps of how to get the account up and running. It appears that Google has decided to put more responsibility on the 501c3 Nonprofit to earn the $120k in free PPC advertising and frankly this is a GOOD THING! In fact, Google’s generous gift of $120,000 in free yearly advertising, makes any extra legwork on behalf of the nonprofit or search marketer”no big deal”. Let’s discuss the new changes to the program.

The notable update to the form is regarding the required field of an NTEE Number. What is this? Well, according to Google, “it’s the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities Code, created by the National Center for Charitable Statistics; is a classification system for nonprofits that divides the nonprofit world into categories.”In order to identify this code, the Nonprofit must have a Acount, and once you have registered and filled out of the information required by Guidestar, you will be assigned an NTEE Code. If the Nonprofit already has a Guidestar member, all that needs to be done is perform a search on your EIN number and the NTEE code will be visible to cut/paste into the Google Grant Application form. PLEASE NOTE: If you accidentally placed the wrong NTEE code into Google, the application may be automatically cancelled, so be careful.

If the Nonprofit is not listed in Guide Star’s online database, can they still get the Grant?

Google states the following “This status may take some time to appear in the online database even after you have received this status from the IRS. Please
note that we need to have record of your IRS status in Guide Star’s online database before we can authorize your status. Copies of IRS
letters unfortunately are not sufficient for this requirement of the application process. If your organization’s 501(c)(3) status is not yet
reflected in Guide Star’s database, we recommend waiting one month and conducting another search to check if your status is updated in the
online database. Once your organization is appearing in GuideStar’s database, we will be happy to accept your application.”

Account Creation Update:

In the recent past, Google would take 3-4 months to review and approve the application for acceptance into the program. The process was once the application was approved, an email was sent to the Grantee and in that email directed the Nonprofit that their account will be online and live within roughly 2 weeks and that a Google Grant specialist would walk them through the account and spend an hour or so introducing them the Adwords. Well, that has changed and frankly it’s not a bad thing at all. In fact, Google has provided a very generous and helpful Google Grant Account Creation Guide (36 pages worth) which is filled with valuable how-do-to’s, online resources and provides a great overall understanding of the program. Moreover, I have to say the most important aspect of this document is on page 35 where it provides detailed instructions for the Nonprofit to get the account up and running. Let’s discuss

Google asks that the Nonprofit create their own standard Google account and fill out all of the required fields (basic account creation including the #ID) and then once the Nonprofit has identified and “checked off” all of the information needed by Google, the Nonprofit then has to email Google that they are ready to give live.

Here’s what is mentioned on page 36.
“Once you have completed the account creation process, please copy the section below (in between the dashes) and paste it into an email and send it to You will receive a response from us with 10-20 business days. ”

In Conclusion:

As mentioned earlier in the blog post, Google has taken steps to improve and automate the Google Grant Process and it makes complete sense to the Search Marketing Geek. We cannot ignore the troubled economy nor the thinning of the job market and Google taking steps to improve their own process for this program should not be looked at as a road block to increase the amounts of Grants, but educate and put it back on the Nonprofit to initiate the Free gift. If someone just gave me $120,000, I would serve them Coffee every morning, wash their car, walk their dog and… (well, that is enough). You get what I mean, right?

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