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Google Grants Management – Are You Really Taking Advantage Of It?

To get the most out the generous Google Grants, it’s a good idea to make sure you have an experienced PPC Marketer working on it everyday and making sure you are getting the clicks you desperately deserve. Forget about the limitations such as the $1 CPC and can only advertise on, because even though it handcuffs you a little, you gotta put on your Entrepreneurial Hat.

Let’s discuss some strategies (PLANS) to take advantage of this FREE money

Step 1: (Goldmines are right in front of your eyes)
Review your entire website. This includes Navigation, Categories, Content, Events, Chapters, Sponsors, Donors, pretty much everything you can think of.

Step 2: (Quality score is needed here)
Create a "Quality Score" friendly Campaign and Adgroup structure to compliment your finding.

Step 3: (Write, write, write…)
Write targeted and keyword rich ads about each of those findings.

Step 4: (Content Rich, SEO Friendly)
Make sure the landing page of your specific findings is content rich and has strong SEO value on the page (SEO JUICE)

Step 5 TOTG – (Think Outside the GRANT)

  1. Don’t Be afraid to try new things
  2. Create as many campaigns and Adgroups as you can
  3. Buy Sponsor’s names and see what happens
  4. Get your Sponsors involved
  5. Create adgroups for each event in advance
  6. If you have TV, Print or Radio Spots, buy keywords on those
  7. Create some "indirect" keywords
  8. Add more misspellings
  9. Look at Google’s Impression Share Reports to see if your covering enough.
  10. Use DKI’s in your Ads
  11. Add 3rd party Analytics tracking for more reports
  12. Understand your Seasonality and prepare for it.

In Conclusion:

Just have fun with this generous Gift from Google. Use it as a learning tool to become a very effective PPC Guru. Be gutsy with it. Try new things. Document your findings. Make it a Case Study. If it works well, Google will most likely give you even more money to play with.


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