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Google Grants – Revolutionizing The NonProfit Industry

Many of us who know of Google Grants, realize that it is a truly remarkable gift to help 501(c)(3) Nonprofits drive free traffic to their website, as well as increase awareness and raise money online. But what evolved in 2003 with the launch of this program has blossomed into a WORLD of its own. For example, Google has not only developed a wealth of information enabling Nonprofits to take advantage of their free advertising money, but it has also created a philanthropic and socially responsible environment where all they want to do is help society.

Google Employees Take This Program Personally
According to a recent post in the Google Grants Blog, Yvonne of the Adwords Team wrote a very heart-felt post about her personal feelings of Google Grants. She states "I wanted to share with you what I do for Google Grants behind the
scenes, so welcome to my life as a Google Grants optimization
volunteer. When I’m not helping advertisers build and refine their
accounts, traveling to visit clients or doing other work-related
things, I take every free moment to help grant recipients like you make
the most of your accounts.

Google Goes Above and Beyond for Nonprofits

It is very clear that Google’s employees not only try to help these Nonprofit’s get their Google Grants up and running, but they also take pride in making the world a better place for everyone. For instance, Yvonne also writes  "my volunteering has gone into overdrive: I’ve been ordering our annual
Googler volunteer-appreciation gifts and organizing, editing and
distributing our internal volunteer newsletter. In the process, I’ve
contacted some of you to ask permission to use your testimonials and
photos. Every grant recipient I’ve spoken with has so appreciated the
Google Grants program and described the benefits it’s brought them.
Interacting with some of you has made my volunteer work come

Why is this remarkable?

Well for starters, Google is giving away $10k/month in advertising, offering Google Checkout for Free and the better the Nonprofit does online, they will not only continue the program every month, they will even increase the amount of the monthly Grant. Google does not profit from this program, in fact I know there is a lot of work that goes into the registration, review and approval process before a Nonprofit can spend a single $1.00. So what is the catch. There is no catch. It’s simply a GIFT, that deserves more attention.

Here are some great links regarding the Google Grants Program

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3 Responses to "Google Grants – Revolutionizing The NonProfit Industry"

  1. Art Mellor says:

    Our nonprofit (Accelerated Cure Project for MS) benefits tremendously from this wonderful program. We get about 50% of our traffic via the free adwords Google provides.
    Thanks so much Google!

  2. Jason King says:

    Baptcare, an Australian nonprofit, recently doubled its usual visitor numbers because 1) we got a Google Grant and 2) a volunteer from Google spent time configuring our ads to be successful. It’s a great service and most nonprofits should sign up for it.
    The only drawback was having to wait six months for the award to be granted.

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