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Google Pushes Plethora of FREE $100 Adwords Coupons, But They Want Something In Return

If you haven’t noticed, Google has been pushing their $100 coupons to entice new advertisers to put their money into the Google Bank (or serve more Filet Mignon at the Cafeterias). These coupons come from online companies such as Godaddy and Vistaprint and they have strict guidelines that the newbie has to follow in order to get that FREE $100. However, Google appears to be being a little more “proactive” than usual to get the advertiser to actually start advertising, especially when they send multiple follow-up emails asking “We’d like to find out why you never activated your account”. In this short blog post, I will provide the actual questions they are asking and some thoughts as to why Google is pushing harder then ever to convert customers.

The (6) Six Things Google Wants To Know:

  • Did you receive the $100 coupon that we sent you a couple weeks ago?
  • Does a $100 coupon offer motivate you to try AdWords?
  • Are you planning to use the coupon?
  • Why have you not completed signing up for AdWords?
  • What could Google do differently to better help you with getting started?
  • How much money were you considering to spend on AdWords?

Regardless of your view on Google, meaning if you “drink the koolaid” or “just hate the bureaucracy”, one thing for sure is that Google is eager for business, no matter how large or small the ad budgets are. C’mon people, they are giving away $100 (which is like $0.0003 in Google money) but there appears to a ton of effort to try everything get them started with adwords.

It’s both smart business and a little “eye-opening” since the biggest online advertising platform is giving away money for business. However, it does raise some interesting questions?

  • Are advertisers getting smarter with their PPC Ad Dollars and it’s better business to go after NEWBIES who do not know the tricks of the trade?
  • Are they proactively trying to drum up as many advertisers as possible before the BING/YAHOO merger is complete?
  • Are they pushing these newbies so they can promote their own automated Google Optimization service? (which is notorious for driving up irrelevant ad spend)

In Conclusion:
Free coupons are a good incentive to advertise with Google. The idea of being proactive with time-sensitive emails to increase the conversion is also good business practice. However, the ultimate question is “why is Google trying so hard to get more business?” Aren’t they big enough to not have to do this? Are they SHOCKED that people are not taking advantage of the free $100? Perhaps, there is something more going on at Google that we do not know about. We will have to wait and see.

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5 Responses to "Google Pushes Plethora of FREE $100 Adwords Coupons, But They Want Something In Return"

  1. ant says:

    Whenever I tried to use one of their coupons, there was always a reason to refuse it.

    They are litterally never accepted.

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  3. extra says:

    i got email from google have $100 adword coupon

  4. Jyoti Narula says:

    True, no coupon is ever redeemed I think. Its all a big lie.

  5. I've says:

    Nice article! Google Pushes Plethora of FREE $100 Adwords Coupons, But They Want Something In Return | PPC Marketing | certainly makes my life a bit brighter 😀 Keep going with the great articles! Cheers!!

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