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Google Uses YouTube To Counteract The “Infomercial-ism” Of The Search Industry

Yes, it’s the Official Google Channel on Youtube which is counteracting all of the disturbing trends going on in the viral video world of YouTube. The problem is that prospects who are new to PPC are getting SCAMMED by Knuckleheads left and right who are promising gimmicks like "Free $1 million dollars in Google Adwords advertising", "tricks to getting free clicks", etc… Where is Susan Powter telling us to "Stop the Insanity" Perhaps, Google has seen this and is trying to counteract the B.S.

To help justify my rant on these "get rich quick" schemes, I made it easy for you to see my disgust. Here’s a link that will be sured to get you all fired up. Youtube and Google Adwords Once you go through these falsified videos you will start to see people coming out of the cracks promising things that are simply 100% WRONG. It’s sort of like those annoying infomercials at 2am in the morning promising that you can lose 20lbs. by wearing a heat belt, then after enough complaints you see stories like this online "Sauna Belt Burning the Crap Out Of People by" Crazy huh? Well, it’s happening to our Industry.

However, I am not bashing YouTube, in fact there are some great success story videos. For example, Google AdWords Success Story: Happy Hound which is "not surprisingly" sponsored by the Official Google Channel which really show the power of Adwords and how it impacts lives.

Should the FTC Step In? They did for Infomercials!
So who’s gonna stop this? The FTC? Well, they did it for the $91 Billion Dollars a year Infomercial Industry and I cannot see why they cannot do this to the Internet Industry of False Advertising.
According to an MSNBC article entitled From the inside out by John Larsen he states "The infomercial industry is booming, enjoying $91 billion dollars a year in sales, offering safe, reliable products, and making household names of super pitchmen who offer you products to buy from the comfort of your own home.

But despite offering thousands of reputable products, the industry does have it blemishes. The Federal Trade Commission has launched an on-going crackdown targeting ads after the FTC found deceptive weight loss ads running ‘rampant’ and more than half of all weight loss ads studied contained at least one false claim."

In Conclusion:
The Search Industry is reaching an enormous plateau of market share and size. It’s only going to be a matter of time before the FTC starts to crackdown on what SemGeek calls the  "infomercialism of PPC". Too many people are gonna get burned and be left out in the cold and we’ve got to speak up about it. Perhaps we can put together our own Youtube Video and have it endorsed by the Official Google Channel on YouTube. Any thoughts?

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