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Google’s “Above The Fold Advertising” Option. Good Idea or Another Gimmick?

As we have been seeing and hearing throughout the Search World, Display Advertising is becoming the next “big thing” that both the advertisers, PPC Marketers and the Search Engines are focused only lately. In fact, Google keeps pushing their “Above the Fold” Display Network Option where it allows advertisers to decide whether or not to show their Display Ad “below the fold”. Now, even though it seems pretty cool to have this option available, I am not sure it makes much difference. In fact, in theory, it all depends on where the advertisers place their Adsense Code and that can be very deceiving to the Advertiser. Furthermore, you gotta wonder if Google is assuming that all of their Network/Content Sites are properly optimized to reinforce this idea.

Personally, I do not think they have enough information to statistically make this claim that this a viable conversion improvement option. 

Here’s how Google sees it:
“Restrict your display ads to placements that appear completely on-screen regardless of the user’s web browser, monitor size, or screen resolution. By excluding the ‘below the fold’ category in your AdWords account, ads in your Google Display Network campaign will only appear when a placement displays fully upon page-load, with no scrolling required, to drive awareness and purchase consideration for your business.”

I have a hard time believing this “koolaid talk”, because of the following reasons:

  • Frequency of Network sites changing their Ad Placements/positioing.
  • Based on past history, potential loss of “view through conversions” can be identified thru the 30 day cookie.
  • Depending on the content of the site, the important information could be below the fold where opportunities might be better achieved.
  • This is not Position Preference or the SERP Heat-Map. This is usability and pursuit for the information that interests visitors.

In Conclusion:

Unless Google can literally control where their network partners place their Adsense Code on their site, I simply cannot see this “above the fold” advertising making a significant impact. It’s a much different monster for SERPs where ranking within #1 – #6 (first page) is an obvious no-brainer. But, the location of Display Banners in today’s world depends on where the important information is located on the website and searchers will continue to scroll down the page until they find what they want.

In contrast, again Kudos to Google for continually to “wow” everyone with all of there great ideas and options for their advertisers. But, for this PPC Guy, I’m just not buying it!

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