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Google’s Adwords Editor Jedi Mind Tricks

GoogleadwordeditorrevengeDo you rememeber way back when, (late 90’s & early 2000), when web designers had to battle in the Browser Wars
to accomodate IE and Netscape. Now,there’s another battle brewing
between Google Adwords Editor and the Yahoo 3rd party import tool.
Ironically, and as usual, the only people who are suffering are the SEM
gurus and the online marketers that are trying to get a handle on the
new Yahoo Panama platform.

Historically, the Panama transition has not been easy and as a prelude to my recent post a couple weeks ago which discussed the Things Yahoo doesn’t want you to know
where everyone was having major issues trying to import their Google
campaigns into Yahoo using their 3rd party import tool, I have
uncovered a few more issues that are dragging this battle farther than
it needs to go.

Here’s what happening. Google recently updated their Adwords Editor
software and in that update, a change was made to the Export function
where you can export the campaign or account into an excel .csv file.
Some of the changes that we’ve been noticing are the additions of
column headers that are technically irrelevant such as "website" and
some others. Now, after speaking with a Yahoo Rep earlier in the day,
they informed me that they are having a hell of a time trying to keep
up the these new Google excel files which are tripping the system.

So far to date, here are some of the issues that either have been
recently fixed by Yahoo and/or are being worked on as we speak.

  • Removal of negative keywords (both broad and phrase)
  • Removing inactive status
  • Max CPC of at least 0.10
  • Remove any blank fields/cells
  • Remove column headers such as "website, website status, suggested changes, etc.."
  • and I am sure some others not mentioned here

Well, were just gonna have to wait and see how long it will take for
all of the Search Engine Giants to just get over it and stop putting
Jedi mind tricks on all of us!

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