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Google’s Broad Match Modifier Gets Thumbs +Up and Declines in your Conversions

First of all, we have to commend Google for their constant communication thru their Inside Adwords Blog as they are continually adding new and interesting bells and whistles to their Adwords Platform. However, I am not drinking their “Koolaid” when it comes to “patting themselves on the back” based on a single testimonial, especially not only from a company outside of the U.S., but also from one that does not disclose the type of Retail Industry that they are in. Google has decided to keep that under wraps and probably does not consider that important, but for us PPC Marketers, it means everything to us.

Here’s what Google says:

“Here’s what one major UK retail company said about their experience using the feature:
We’re always interested in ways to increase our volumes while keeping our CPA down. As a result, we’ve added broad match modified keywords to several campaigns where previously we only had phrase and exact match keywords. After a few weeks of testing, we’re pleased to see these campaigns showed significant increases in conversion and volume, whilst keeping the CPA down. Therefore, we will be looking to scale our use of modified broad match keywords in all our campaigns to take full advantage of these great results.”

As PPC Gurus stay away from Broad Match, this statement irks me for some reason:
“If you mainly use broad match keywords in your account, you should know that switching your existing broad match keywords to modified broad match will likely lead to a significant decline in your click and conversion volumes and will not directly improve Quality Score. To maintain volume, keep existing broad match keywords active, add new modified broad match keywords, and adjust bids to achieve your target ROI based on the results you see.”

In Conclusion:
Everything we do as PPC Marketers (or should do) is always focused is conversions, conversions, conversions. (of any monetization type). This “tweak” to try and find the most relevant terms will only increase your Ad spend and not necessarily affect your bottom line. Just be careful before you start putting + signs in front of your keywords. It just might end up in + extra cash out of your pockets.

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One Response to "Google’s Broad Match Modifier Gets Thumbs +Up and Declines in your Conversions"

  1. Hey Greg,

    I did some analysis on modified broad match recently ( ) and couldn’t find much in terms of higher conversion rates (largely due to limited data), although I found that modified broad match keywords had significantly higher CTRs and significantly lower CPCs.

    Definitely something all PPC advertisers should be trying out.

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