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Google’s Call Metrics is Latest Push To Own The PPC Call Tracking Market

In a recent post from Google’s Inside Adwords Blog, Google has officially released Call Metrics to all advertisers to the US and Canada regions. This is a significant update to the Adwords Platform because Google is once again taking business away from other Pay-Per-Call companies. Of course with this full release, Google is increasing the costs for this service so they can please their shareholders. However, it’s not so bad for the advertiser because they are just paying for the call and not an additional 3rd party to facilitate, so it does make (cents) sense from a ROI perspective. On the other hand, it is forcing these other 3rd party companies to continue to come up with new innovative ideas to push the Google envelope.

According to Google, “Call Metrics works by assigning and placing a toll-free forwarding number next to your ad text on Google search pages. When a user sees your ad and calls the number, AdWords registers the call and forwards it to your business.”

Google’s Call Metric Stats So Far to Date:

  • Google says they have connected 5 million+ calls for thousands of businesses.
  • Calls generated from ads using Call Metrics last six minutes, on average.

New “Bells and Whistles”:

  • Reporting is now available at the ad group and campaign level for manually-dialed calls (subject to minimum volume).
  • Continue to segment reports to compare how many calls were received from mobile clicks-to-call and how many were manually dialed after the ad was shown on a desktop, notebook, or tablet computer.

New Pricing Structures:

  • A $1.00 USD (or equivalent in CAD) charge applies to manually dialed calls completed to your Google forwarding numbers. These calls occur when a potential customer on a desktop, notebook or tablet computer sees your ad and dials the number shown.
  • Pricing for mobile clicks-to-call remains unchanged, whether you use Call Metrics or not. They continue to be charged as regular mobile search ad clicks.

Most Interesting:
One of the most interesting pieces of this post, is their mention of a future release called Ad Rank calculations which identify Ad Position and CPC. Google states the following:

“In a future release, we plan to incorporate calls into Ad Rank calculations, which determine an ad’s position and cost per click. At that time, you’ll be able to influence your ad position by specifying a bid per call greater than $1.00 USD. This will parallel the way that clickthrough rate (CTR) and max CPC bids can influence Ad Rank today.”

In Conclusion
Google continues to provide it’s advertisers more ways to spend money and at the same time take out the competition for those 3rd party companies offering additional services (outside of Google) to enable the advertiser to get the most out of their investment. However, Google is very smart to be developing these tools for free because they are continually finding ways to get more advertisers dollars. With every Google release of a new tool for the platform, it forces 3rd party software companies to push the envelope and come up with more innovative ideas and that is not necessarily a Bad thing (from an advertiser’s view of course)

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