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Google’s Display Campaign Optimizer “Not Good” for Lead Quality

Everyone knows the saying “Fish where the Fish are”. However, when it comes to Google Optimization tools, I often think of the phrase “Only Fish where the GOOD fish are“. What scares me the most about this tool is that the automation and optimization is NOT based on the Quality of Conversions, just the Quantity of Conversions. With that said, it could be a recipe for disaster and the only one who wins is Google’s Shareholders.

Which Advertiser would Benefit the Most?
Well, the advertisers who are selling a specific product or service where there is a monetary commitment “after the click” would benefit the most from this as there is TRUE ROAS%. However, those advertisers that rely on Lead Generation as their success metric will have a more difficult time understanding the success. The reason is because Lead Generation usually requires another round of qualification to determine the quality of the lead, hence increasing the difficulty to understand true ROAS.

According to Google, “The Display Campaign Optimizer is a tool that increases conversions by automatically managing targeting and bidding for campaigns appearing on the Google Display Network. You simply set your target cost-per-acquisition (CPA), and the Display Campaign Optimizer automatically determines the appropriate placements to show your ads at the right prices to help you boost conversions, based on your CPA goals.”

Where do we Find it?
The ‘Automatic campaign optimization’ link is in the Settings tab for your campaign. However, this tool is only available to a small group of advertisers right now, but will become more available in the following months.

The Bottom-line:
Always remember that Google is trying to find as many ways as possible to take your advertising dollars. It all sounds awesome, until you realize that you spent more than you brought in. One of the biggest problems PPC marketers face is understanding true “Lead Quality” after the initial click. If the advertiser is getting 200 leads/day, but only 1% of them turn into “real clients”, then most likely that both the PPC strategy (including keywords, text ads and landing page) is failing.

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    Great post, I completely agree, especially with the last paragraph 🙂

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