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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from SemGeek

I would like to wish all of the readers of SemGeek a Terrific Holiday and a Happy New Year. I would also like to thank you for reading and commenting on this blog as it has kept me going and focusing on what matters in Search Marketing.


2008 An Overview:
I think in general, this year has been challenging for the Industry. We witnessed the "Real First Online Election" where Search Marketing, Behavioral Marketing, Social Media and Digital Grass Roots efforts all came together and shaped our election cycle for all races.

We were, and still are working in a very unstable economy, which I am sure has taken a toll on all online marketing budgets (large and small). But, I see this as a shining opportunity to come together as an industry, adapt to the financial limitations and convince all that Search Marketing, Social Media and Web Analytics are the most effective means for growing a business on any budget.

What's SemGeek Planning for in 2009?
Well, I am working on some exciting stuff happening in 2009 which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Special Guest Blogging exchange with
  • More Exclusive Interviews
  • Book Reviews
  • More Strategic and Tactical Based posts
  • and much more!!!!

Again, thank you for YOUR SUPPORT!

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