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Hey Bing Ads, C’mon Get “Coupon Happy”

After receiving a plethora (love that word) of Adwords Coupons through Google Engage and other offers, it occurred to me that Microsoft is a little “frugal” when it comes to giving away coupons to new advertisers. Google in all it’s dominance, still wants more and are willing to pay for it. So, why isn’t Bing following in the leaders footsteps. They pretty much copied everything from Google anyway? In this post, I will discuss the benefits of expanding the volume and amount of Bing coupons, because recently Microsoft deserves to give themselves a “pat on the back” for gaining confidence in their user interface and most importantly their muchly improved integration with Google Adwords.


Why Bing needs the help of PPC Gurus

When an advertiser approaches either a PPC Marketing Firm or a consultant for either taking over an account or the creation of a new one, suggesting Google Adwords as their primary platform is not always the best strategy. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many problem areas with Bing Ads, especially their Search Partners and irrelevant traffic, not to mention their Content Network. However, Bing/Yahoo provides advertisers with a different audience amongst both Bing and Yahoo properties. With that said, PPC Gurus need to convince advertisers (aka, the client) the benfits of Bing and that they should allocate a percentage of their Ad dollars. Moreover, to make that easier on the client, giving them $100 in free ad dollars simply to test the platform would make them feel like it’s a “WIN-WIN”.


Strategies for Budget Allocation to Bing Ads:

Well, let’s admit it. Google has the largest audience and they have embraced their advertisers by giving them optimization recommendations (even though poorly executed) as well as been very generous with their $100 coupons for new accounts and have made Agencies lives much easier by supporting them through programs such as Google Engage. Typically, the strategies to migrate Adwords Campaign to Bing/Yahoo can be seen in 2 steps:

  1. Migrate everything in Google to Bing at the launch of the campaign
  2. Migrate only the top performers from Google into Bing


In Conclusion:

If the title of this article doesn’t reveal my age or even what songs are in my head sometimes, I am always a sucker for the underdog. In this case, I am animate making things easier for PPC Marketers and Advertisers succeed online. PPC Marketers should not “write off” Bing as part of their strategy and Microsoft has a duty to reach out to Agencies and PPC Experts to promote their platform and give advertisers more confidence in them. Sometimes, I wonder if the people ar Microsoft are not confident about their product. Is this the reason why they took forever “put aside their pride” and enhance Adwords Integration? Are they not comfortable giving out $100 coupons to new advertisers because they are afraid they will see poor results. Search Marketing is more than Google, and Microsoft needs not an Ambassador Program, they need an actual Ambassador.

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