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Hey, Search Marketers Need Love Too? And Also Have A Sense of Humor

SemGeek has decided put aside the dry, technical jargon of everyday Search Geekdom and write a few humorous depictions of Search Marketers and how we are not only attractive to Head Hunters and Recruiters, but also in our personal lives especially at the bar when trying to hook up.

Isn't it time to poke a little humor into our miserable, screaming client-ish, bleeding red eye at 4pm jobs?

Name: C'mon, just Google my damn name:
Occupation: Google
Likes: Not being bothered
Dislikes: Being bothered
Hobbies: Constantly waiting for my Crackberry to vibrate for new email.

What are you looking for in a soul mate?

  • A nice persuasive nature
  • Big bounce rates
  • Slender and muscular long-tails
  • A Non-competitive type
  • Very Direct in nature and get's to the point
  • Believes that size of keywords doesn't matter
  • Ok with multiple personalities (aka: messaging)
  • Prefers to cut back spending when money is tight
  • Insists on using protection (Trademark protection that is)

Tell us a little about yourself:

  • I have a lot of good Quality Score Qualities.
  • I have quick fingers;
  • I write poetic Ad copy;
  • I Make alot of great impressions and 25% of them turn into something more;
  • I have an impressive account history of being with women with big bounce rates;
  • I have an uncanny ability to convince and persuade the ladies to bookmark and type me into their little black books;
  • Have lots of negative attributes to filter out the wrong types of women;
  • Ability to be matched with many different types of women;
  • Specifically looking for ladies who live in PA, within a 10 miles radius of my residence;
  • I enjoy being out in public during certain times of the day and/or night;
  • I have no preference for any exotic position or rank of position;
  • Often compared to others who get more attention than myself, but they often lack the ability track down the steps to see what pickup lines work the best.

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2 Responses to "Hey, Search Marketers Need Love Too? And Also Have A Sense of Humor"

  1. Now that’s funny. 😉

  2. First time on this site and what a great post to get things started with.
    Reminds me a little bit of which I wrote a few months ago.

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