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How Google Adwords Is Like Pledging A Fraternity

From time to time, I need to shake things up on SemGeek and with this post I am hoping that I have not disappointed you!

My last blog post like this was when I blogged about the following "Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Drink While Doing Google Adwords" and now I am discussing the analogy of pledging a College Fraternity is just like starting up a new Google Adwords Account. Let’s have some fun here.

Ok, before I start, I want to make it very clear that I have NEVER Pledged a Fraternity in College, but as a big fan of the Classic movies such as "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Animal House", and often wished I did join a fraternity, I am enthusiastic about this scenario. So, based on what has been presented to us in the form of entertainment, I have translated that experience shown on the big screen to what I have personally dealt with in my professional life with paid search and Google in paticular. One of my biggest obstacles in PPC is explaining to new clients that starting a new Google Adwords account can be a little rough on the budget in the beginning, but after you eased your way into the system and have shown dedication into the program, in the end you feel better about your decision (No pun intended for Animal House fans!)

The Initiation:

For Google’s sake, you need to approach Google Adwords as a worthy participant. Ok, you are probably saying, what the hell does that mean? The best way that I can relate that message, is with the help of Comedic writer, actor, director and Idol Harold Ramis, who decided on the song in Movie Animal House, "… Don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology….". Get it yet? Yep, it all depends on click history, and when you are new, YOU DON’T HAVE IT.

Furthermore, in order to maintain that respect from Google, you need to follow specific instructions in order to get that "You are worthy", or "Thank you sir, may I have another" feeling. What are those PPC obligations? Duh?

  1. Relevant Keyword groups
  2. Relevant Ads
  3. Relevant Landing Pages
  4. SEO Friendly landing pages
  5. Be a loyal customer who tries very hard to play by the rules.

So this makes sense right? Well, in a twisted sort of way at the least.

What Happens Once Accepted:

Well, you continue to follow the rules that are placed before you. You respect and honor your Fraternity Brothers; Do your duties and enjoy you life and time with your Fraternity brothers. Life, as you know it is plentiful and rewarding. With regard to Google Adwords, this is "kinda similar" in that the advertiser continues their best practices of quality score, improves their website, improves conversion rates and in general ensures the PPC relationship with Google is more of a dedicated friendship, than just a marketing service partnership. I hope this post, at the very least, has broguth back some memories of when you last watched those classic movies.

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2 Responses to "How Google Adwords Is Like Pledging A Fraternity"

  1. What a great analogy here. Google Adwords IS really like pledging a popular fraternity. “We’re Not Worthy, We’re Not Worthy”. Thanks for the humor1

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