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How to Keep Your PPC Clients Happy

I read an interesting post about "Signs your SEM Firm is Good or Bad" by and it made me wonder how clients truly feel about their experience with a Search Firm/Agency. As a search marketer  myself, I often feel "Are they really happy?, Are we doing enough for them? Were they upset when we were 10 minutes late for our weekly client call? All of these questions linger around in my head and make me wonder if any of these situations had an impact in their choosing or not choosing to renew their contract. Or is it simply measuring up to the expectations that were set during the sales and proposal stages.

Be Crystal Clear on PPC Goals & Objectives:
It is absolutely crucial to any client relationship for both parties to be comfortable with the client’s business goals and objectives with Paid Search. The agency should be responsible for telling the client of all possible "real world" happenings in the paid search world. This means situations such as editorial reviews, competition, trademark issues, affiliate overriding display urls, etc…. Give them a sense that this stuff happens to everyone and their agency will do it’s best to counteract these scenarios.

Building Client Trust:
You also want the client to feel comfortable with you. Provide them with a sense of trustworthiness. Even though building trust is something that takes time and cannot be achieved during the first month of the contract, it’s another important key to opening the door to customer retention.

"After the Click" Recommendations:
I have seen this scenario occur more often than not where an agency who achieved very successful "before the click" metrics, yet still is unable to meet or beat the revenue objectives set in the proposal. A way to try and alleviate this problem is to provide the client with conversion based suggestions and ideas to help improve the conversion rate, therefore increasing the chances for PPC success. In many situations, the proposals that are sent to the client DO NOT include "after the click" type of strategies, but in order to not only achieve the business goals and keep the client happy in terms of retention, I think it’s worth the extra effort in the long run.

Let Them Know You Care:
I am not talking about sending your client a Godiva Gift Basket every month. This is more an different angle on good client management that always seems remind me of the Movie "Jerry McGuire" It’s the idea of going "above and beyond" for your client. A few examples of this in PPC are weekly or weekend emails or phone calls to the client telling them either their websites are down, noticed broken links, broken images or even go as far as making suggestions for offer and/or promotions based on other off line influences. It’s make them feel like you are a part of their team, even though clearly your not. This does help build trust with your client.

In conclusion:
In an industry where turnover is high and companies are taking PPC services "IN-HOUSE", it’s so important to provide your clients with not only with achievable results, but also a "keep it real" type of business relationship. Think about it, The client can always find another search firm that will promise them 10x the revenue and in the end never deliver. But wouldn’t it be better to achieve the client’s goals and at the same time build trust which would hopefully results in a renewed contract, a good case study, positive feedback and possible referrals. Personally, if you are not willing to reach out and achieve trust with a client, then why the hell are you in business anyway?

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2 Responses to "How to Keep Your PPC Clients Happy"

  1. Derrick Tan says:

    Hi there,
    Nice article on how to keep customer happy with PPC. I generally agree with most of your points there. All the best!

  2. Tom Hale says:

    Right on Greg.
    You are doing a great job talking about PPC as a business. We need so much more.
    Fee models, training, client trust-communication-education, etc, are not talked about enough.
    Professionals talking about their profession. Going beyond the “top 10 how to” lists.

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