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IndexTools & Yahoo: You Must Accept The Agreement Or Goodbye Customer

One of the first things I worried about with the Yahoo purchase of Indextools, was the impact it would have on the agencies who have many of their own clients under this umbrella. So, in the spirit of sharing what I know, below is word for word what Indextools had sent me and I am showing to you. If you are an existing or past customer of Indextools, below is some important transition information that you will need to know.

Clients & Partner to Accept new Yahoo Agreement:
In case you have not received In the coming days, we’ll require our partners and clients to accept a new Yahoo! agreement. We will make this agreement available to you soon for your review and let you know when your acceptance is required. The only issue so far with this is the next sentence which basically says "either you are with us or against us" It is important to note that our clients and partners must accept this agreement to continue using the service.

If you accept, it’s FREE
Yahoo! currently intends to provide the service FREE of charge to clients and partners who accept the Yahoo! agreement. Further to this, it should be noted that Yahoo! does not intend to add any new partnerships or direct clients in the short to midterm, while we prepare for the next roll-out wave. This means that both our partners and clients will be in a unique position to either provide a service or use a service to which the rest of the market will not have ready or immediate access.

Only Indextools can Add Accounts of Projects
This is an interesting section to read. To avoid a deluge of accounts being added to the system, we have temporarily suspended the ability for you to add accounts/projects to the system. Your account manager has full access to do this and I would ask you contact them directly if you wish to add an account or project to the system. Please understand we have a lot going on at present and be mindful of requests to add 10s and/or 100s of accounts/projects to the system at this time.

Ongoing Support:
Our support capabilities will remain unaffected so that we can continue to serve both our partners and clients alike over the coming weeks.

C’mon, this was eventually going to happen anyway, especially with the shift in company buyouts to control the market share of the Internet properties as well as advertising expenditures. Indextools offers a great solution for a much cheaper price than Omniture, Atlas, etc… Perhaps, this is Yahoo’s attempt to out-due Google for their Google Analytics purchase of Urchin back in the day. As long as they continue to enhance their product and make it available to everyone at a lower cost, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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