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Is Google playing games with us? Usability Police!


Ok, how many people have accidentally paused or activated a campaign when all you wanted to do was to go into the "edit campaign settings" section or wanted to edit/add a negative keyword or excluded site?  Bueller, Anyone???? Well, I have to admit it has happened to me occasionally, usually when it involves time critical changes or when my Microsoft Wireless Mouse decides to have other intentions in mind? Is this Microsoft trying to get back at Google for the Search Engine dominance? Makes you wonder huh? Just Kidding.

But after a couple times of me accidentally doing this, I started to wonder why the hell are the most important "usability" based sections of a campaign user interface all jumbled together in one small section at the top right of the page. If you notice, there is no "cell-padding", No spacing nor are the links spread out in a way to eliminate any accidental clicks. I am amazed that with all of the industry leading Quality Score algorithms and that $500+ per share stock price, they couldn’t improve this section of the interface.

Has this ever happened to you? or are you also having a usability issue with this?

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