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Is Loyalty in the PPC Industry a “Good or Bad” Thing

PPC LoyaltyFirst off, the only true loyalty PPC Marketer’s should have is to their clients. THAT’S IT! Here’s why. For those who are engulfed into the “day to day” of the PPC world, we often look to technology to help us along the way. Any little extra bell or whistle that will help shed anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours is an obviously good thing. However, it forces the question: Is there any brand loyalty that we have with the technology companies that provide help, outside of the Search Engine Platforms? In this brief post, I will provide you this Semgeek’s opinion.

What have you done for me Lately?
Everyone wants to make money, that is why we work. But, in order to make money, one needs to be comfortable with whom they are working with. The same goes with technology partners. When something breaks, API issues, etc.. the PPC marketer is the first in the line of fire. So, in order for everyone not to lose any sleep over these issues, a clear understanding must be transparent all the way back to the client. This is where the “true value” of the business relationship lies. I would prefer an honest partner than one who can promise you the world

Do you really want to work with me?
Sometimes, many PPC marketers (novice or expert) choose who they want to partner up with and often creates a “love-hate” relationship. It’s a bad thing, but opens your eyes a little. Every PPC Maketer or agency has their own way of doing things, and choosing an additional technology company should never be personal. If it does, then the CLIENT LOSES and YOU LOSE!

Do you really care about my Clients?
Whether it’s the latest bells and whistles with a technology platform or a new strategy on attribution, an intelligent PPC Marketer needs to know better about how it will effect their client’s performance and often questions the motives of the potential business partner. Since everyone is about making money, the PPC Guru needs to separate greed from client expectations.

In Conclusion:
PPC Marketers are passionate about their own best practices, and strategical vision on how to run their own business. Not every technology company or even a recent presentation may not be in your best interest. For us Geeks, it can be a difficult transition from CTR Junkie to Business Monkey, but what helps guide the “wavy” road is the CLIENT. We do what is in the best interest of the client. Nothing is ever personal, nor is it detrimental from “trying to stay in the Click” (No PPC Pun intended). As mentioned before, the ONLY LOYALTY should be to the Client. If not, bye bye client!

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