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Is The Google KeyWord Tool Anti-American?

LibertypicOk, I know, I know. The headline is a little much, but when I was shocked to see this and I had to tell people. When I recently used the Google Keyword Tool to do some quick keyword research, I found that the keyword "Statue of Liberty" and "Liberty" came back with We’re sorry, but we’re unable to generate relevant keywords for
this keyword. Please make sure you have entered the keyword correctly.
Or, enter another keyword into the box to see related keywords.

My first reaction, what the ….. You gotta be kidding me. Then, I retracted, "maybe misspelled it". So then I tried the keyword "Liberty". Same message. So I am thinking, this darn thing is broken, so I typed in "Statue", and other keywords and got plenty of keyword recommendations.

So, even though this must be a very, very isolated incident and error in the system, I mean c’mon it’s the Statue of liberty. If Google can’t figure out potential keywords for the "Liberty" and "Statue of Liberty"? maybe Americans in the U.S and abroad will start saying:

"Give me Liberty or give me …. Yahoo, Trellian, SEOBook, WordTracker, etc…"

My two cents or Liberty Half Dollars where I was forced to use other keyword tools.

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  1. Djingel says:

    I have the same problem with the keyword “lingerie”…

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