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Is The Mainstream Media Hurting or Helping The Search Industry?

In a recent article published by CNN, entitled "Study: More Americans Googling themselves", it occurred to me that the mainstream media has not made much of an effort to contribute much in terms of search trends, data or anything else that can be useful to us Search Geeks. Moreover, the only thing we get that is somewhat relevant comes around the holidays where they talk about how holiday online sales are forecasting to outperform the previous years. Of course, the media would rather focus on negative issues such as the "wildly growing social networking sites, YouTube spoofs of politicians, scandals and the traditional isolated fear of the unknowns in this relatively young channel.

Please Note: When criminal acts are done on the internet they NEED full blown coverage and immediate policing. However, I often think about the tremendous and influential business impact of what WE THE SEARCH MARKETERS are doing are being overshadowed by this continuous bad publicity of a few or many bad apples in CyberSpace.

If you think about it, the only things we often hear about regarding Google or Yahoo is either their stock price or how they are enabling or disabling their involvement in government and privacy issues. Remember the story about when Google buys garage where company was launched.

Philosophically Speaking:
Have you ever asked yourself the question: Are the TV News sites out there helping or hurting the search industry by reporting on very generalized news stories that can be perceived either as naive and obvious or simply wrong and/or misinterpreted? Does our industry deserve some National Press Coverage? Don’t you think our time is due. Have we not made enough of an impact to make the tech & business headlines?

In Conclusion:
I know the content being developed by these news organizations are geared to the overall majority of mainstream society and are 99.9% irrelevant to search marketers. However, my argument is this, If the news agencies can generalize their stories by using trendy buzzwords such as "Googling" and "Blogging", then why can’t they report on the huge impact and continued explosion of this new channel. I’m not asking for full disclosure of all algorithms, I just want some interesting data that proves that the work we are doing is making an impact on our society.

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