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Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Smackdown – Political Site Embraces PPC as Real-Time Gossip Vehicle

In the recent media spectacle surrounding the recent Showdown between Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Jim Cramer from CNBC’s Mad Money, an interesting TREND has presented itself to the Search Industry and it is an important one because even though the topic is about the financial industry, a Political website “” has decided to spend PPC dollars to capitalize on the BUZZ. Furthermore, it’s a sign that the future of Paid search is evolving full circle as establishing itself as a prominent media vehicle to collaborate in the great conversation. It’s even more interesting that if a story has an OUNCE of politics related to it, there will be a PPC Ad to compliment it.

Where did this strategy come from?

In general, this is not a new phenomena, however it’s more of a continuation of what  the world witnessed online from the unprecedented success of the recent Presidential campaign. Its the idea that  complimenting mass media coverage with persuasive PPC ads and relevant landing pages to stir additional interest and readership shocked the industry. In the Presidential campaign, both candidates, VP candidates as well as other Congressional, Senatorial and even smaller races used Paid Search to both counteract negative publicity as well as reinforce positive publicity in the news.

However, with that said, this recent incident deserves more attention because it’s not an exclusive political matter, (even though it has political attributes) it’s just a mainstream gossip story that is being promoted by Politically motivated website to try and drive awareness and traffic for their benefit.

Take a look at a recent Screen shot as of 12pm EST 3/13/2009

Picture 2

Is this a Dirty Strategy?
In my opinion, absolutely not, and Google should thank them for it. It’s rather smart tactic because it’s redefining the purpose of paid search as a “viable solution” to join in the real-time conversation. You can achieve this in SEO if your website has enough AUTHORITY, but PPC provides the ability to test messaging and landing pages in a timely matter during the height of the stories “shelf life”.There has been reporting that this has affected both media celebs, where Cramer is not only on the losing battle with regard to the interview, his shows ratings have plunged, while Stewart’s have risen. No matter who wins on television, those whop capitalize the story in Paid Search will always be a winner in Google’s eyes.

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4 Responses to "Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer Smackdown – Political Site Embraces PPC as Real-Time Gossip Vehicle"

  1. chiro says:

    It is not a dirty strategy and the explaination given is excellent.

  2. peterK says:

    Absolutely great and very interesting article.

  3. Todd says:

    Maybe not a dirty strategy per say, but surely a tad opportunistic. But I suppose that’s what good publicity is.

  4. Excellent Blog. Its very interesting and useful blog.

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