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Keyword Research Tip: The “Real Goldmines” Are In Your Content!

In any Paid Search Strategy, the obvious goal is to drive as much “qualified” traffic to your website as possible, while at the same time trying to keep the costs down. Many of us search marketers were trained to use keyword tools as the catalyst for identifying the most trafficked keywords and we would just copy/paste them into the Adgroups.

Well, in the past 10 years or so, the “bid you way to the top” method is long gone and it’s become a “dog eat dog” search marketing world filled with high priced keywords, tons of competition and oh yeah, Quality Score. So with that said, we are forced to find other ways to limit competition and find the perfect searcher or prospect with the highest INTENT that he/she will make, lowering the CPC and hence increasing
your ROAS or ROI so you can keep the PPC going.

One of the most effective methods to achieve this is just reading your own damn content. Let’s discuss the reason why:

  1. Well, it’s FREE!
  2. It helps identify campaign structures (Navigation, category segmentation, indirect keyword testing, etc..)
  3. It identifies more specific long tail keywords.
  4. Helps with Landing Page Quality score where the keywords are already on the page
  5. Creates an ongoing process for future PPC strategy.

So, Are You Saying We Should Stop Using Keyword Tools?
Absolutely NOT! Keyword tools such as Trellian’s Keyword Discovery are still very valuable in Paid Search and offer many advanced keyword research methods and statistics that no other free keyword tool or website content can provide. Depending on your paid search budgets and/or type of industry, I would recommend reviewing your website content first, then applying the advanced keyword tools to nail down other “search-able” keywords, misspelling, long tails, etc…
So what type of Website Content Can be Used?

As much as you can find!!! First thing I would do is understand your website’s SITEMAP. If you do not have a site map (well, you should for SEO and usability) you can use the structure of your navigation. Meaning, if you sell DVD’s, you can create a Hierarchy of levels which can then be created into individual campaigns and adgroups, and hence specific keywords (long tails, misspellings, other descriptors, etc..) for each adgroup.

For example, if you sell DVDs you can use the following as individual adgroups which can also be broken down into more and more adgroups. Doing this will create a strong Quality Score Structure.

DVD > Blue Ray > Sci-Fi > Movie Title > Actors > Characters > Scenes >

In conclusion:
The purpose of this short blog post is to reiterate the idea that the content on a website should not be overlooked when creating your paid search plan. Keyword tools are great, but they do not always establish a level of INTENT whereas with existing website content. Keyword tools provide a higher level of identifying what a majority of people search for and provide common misspellings, long tail keywords, etc…, but they do not always connect with what is on the website.

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14 Responses to "Keyword Research Tip: The “Real Goldmines” Are In Your Content!"

  1. Base on what i read here’s are the best keyword tips A great keyword tip is to base every page on your site around a single keyword. You can then intersperse your content with a few, no more than 3 or 4, closely related keywords. Another good keyword tip is that your pages must have worthwhile content that holds your visitors attention. A page with a bunch of links to who knows where is not interesting at all and if you are like me you probably find this very irritating.thanks for the post.

  2. I agree with this concept completely. At one company I worked for, we looked into Omniture and found a gold mine of keywords for SEO & SEM purposes.
    BTW…I liked your article so much I put it in “Top 10 Keyword Research Resources” list on my blog!

  3. A good way to get keyword suggestions is to use Google Adwords keyword tool. First, you need an Adwords account. Then start a new PPC campaign for your site and use the keyword tool to find not only keywords that people have searched on but also their relative popularities.

  4. A good way to get keyword suggestions is to use Google Adwords keyword tool. First, you need an Adwords account. Then start a new PPC campaign for your site and use the keyword tool to find not only keywords that people have searched on but also their relative popularities.

  5. You can still crunch raw data and find the least competitive words to go after, but the low hanging fruit is long gone.
    One thing you didn’t mention about ad groups is that the only way to make them effective is to tell a story … if a user searches for “lose 10 pounds in a month” you know there is urgency in the search. Your ad copy and landing page should reflect this and will provide you with excellent ROI if you are a good enough story teller.

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  8. Very good.Most importent element means lots of things are there.Because seo is very broad marketing.

  9. We always focused on google keywords research tools. Thats the best on our recommended.

  10. To build upon this idea, I think that LSI keywords can prove useful in attaining that high quality score which we all have come to covet.
    Search Engine algorithms are becoming increasingly complex and keyword stuffing has not only become obsolete it now can carry a penalty.
    Keyword tools such as Keyword Research Pro has a useful feature for finding LSI keywords.

  11. Well done highlighting a few simple but true facts about keywords and content. Search engine optimisation works best when well rounded and based on many levels of content with related keywords. Also what people are looking for often changes and what they are typing in can vary. Paid search can be expensive if not backed up by good content. It’s all well and good to get them there but getting them to but your product or service is where the useful content comes in. Plus reading your own and looking at ways people found that content can give plenty of other ideas of keywords you can use in your next content page. Very good points and very well executed.

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    Keywords are the key components when doing SEO. You should always find out if the keyword has a high traffic value. In writing contents I use keywords with high traffic value to help in traffic building of the website that I am working on. Just always remember a nice content helps generate online traffic.

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    Content of a web page is essential to website optimization. Without it, websites would eventually be empty and can’t rank in the search engines.

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