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Law Firms Using PPC Marketing to “Cash in” on Carnival Cruise Line Disaster

Ahh, the power of PPC Marketing at its best and Carnival Cruise Lines is not only “missing the boat” with its own lack of Reputation Management, they are also dealing with Law Firms trying to “cash-in” from the latest cruise disaster. In retrospect, one would think Carnival would learn some online Reputation Management tactics from the efforts of BP with the 2010 Oil Spill Disaster, but it appears they are not. Let’s Discuss:


One (1) Simple Tactic that Carnival can Learn from the BP Oil Spill. As you can see, even (2) two years later BP is still in Reputation Management mode.


Carnival’s Reputation Management (or their lack of)

When searching for “Carnival Cruise Lines” in Google, Carnival makes no mention of the latest disaster or even apologies about the event. Instead, they are trying to get the incident off everyone’s radar and continue with business as usual. However, when searching for long tail terms like “carnival cruise line triumph”, Carnival has purposely decided NOT to advertise, and that is POOR Reputation Management. Also, as you can see, Law Firms are taking advantage of this, even though some of the Text Ad Messaging is a little lackluster at best.


More Law Firms “Cashing In” on Disaster:

In typical fashion, which is a good strategy nonetheless, are using PPC Marketing to reach out to victims and/or people who know the victims of the Triumph disaster. However, the messaging of these Text Ads does raise a few eyebrows for their lack of Persuasion and Interaction with the searcher. But in general, these Ads are exactly what people expect to see from Law Firms. Non-Personal, Straight to the point, and that they have lots of experience.


In conclusion:

Carnival Cruise Lines is making yet another terrible mistake, not only with their current situation, but with their future. Online Marketing, especially PPC Marketing is very important media vehicle for Branding and Reputation Management. Overall, PPC Marketing makes up just a fraction of Media Advertising Budgets and the fact that there are not addressing the incident to the victims, potential customers or even the mass public is frankly a disgrace. If there is one thing about PPC Marketing that is still not fully understood, it’s the reinforcement of Protecting Reputations when needed.


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  1. Marc Pearson says:

    This is a great example of what not to do when a disaster happens in your company. A lot of companies out there always cover their butts with SEO but it’s important to remember to cover your butts with PPC as well.

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