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Managing Both & Adwords MCC APIs

When one of my colleagues Matt Leveque (or Mattel as we like to call him) came across this and MCC API Issue, I did not have an immediate solution because I have never encountered it before. However, as in life, you learn new things everyday and with regard to search, it’s always a best practice to document everything, make it a part of your process and find new and interesting ways to expand on it and learn from it.  So, with that said, here is a tip that I got from Google on how to deal with having multiple MCC (My Client Center) access from 2 totally different sources. In this case, and our agencies MCC.

Here’s the issue:
One of our clients uses, which in general,  dynamically extrapolates form data (customer info) directly into SalesForce’s database using Google’s Adwords API. For this to happen, requires API access from your Google Adwords Account. However, agencies and companies also need API access for MCC and other related API Access. It also helps with accumulating the 1 million clicks needed to get that all important Google Fridge. (I am currently working my Google Reps. on getting one of those)

Anyways, as I tell my team, if you have a question and you don’t know the answer "CALL GOOGLE!" So, instead of telling the client to shut off Salesforce, we decided to call Google and they responded with an honest solution which enabled us to have our cake and eat it too! (I bet Google’s cakes would taste pretty good too, but not as good as a personal fridge to keep my beers cold)

Here’s what Google provided us: (happy to share the details)

The best way to track the revenue for your agency and have the account linked to’s MCC is to allow your agency User Interface
(UI) and API access and provide the MCC with API only access.  An MCC with API only access does not get credit for any of the client account’s revenue.
Here’s how to accomplish this:

  1. Unlink the client account from the MCC by clicking [disable manager access] in the My Account >
       Account Preferences section
  2. Link the client account to the agency’s MCC via the MCC dashboard
  3. Accept the invitation to be managed with user interface and API access in the client account
  4. Save the agency contact support and ask that they re-link their MCC to this client account with API only access.
  5. Accept the invitation to be managed with API only access in the client account

After completing the steps above, you should be all set.  You can then re-assign yourself to your agency’s MCC to be sure that all accounts linked with user interface access are being properly attributed to you and will still be integrated with the client account.

Learn more about Google’s MCC access levels

I hope this quick post carries a long blog shelf life and helps others who are faced with similar and/or potential Google API issues in the future. And as an old GiJoe public Announcement always says "Knowing is Half the Battle"

Maybe just a little TMI for an ol’ SEM Geek like myself.

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7 Responses to "Managing Both & Adwords MCC APIs"

  1. Dave Davis says:

    Thanks Greg, I didn’t know that API only access counted for that.
    Working with salesforce starting Friday so this was some welcome advice! thanks!

  2. Greg Meyers says:

    I am glad to help!

  3. Reality says:

    I have a fridge too and it lasted about a month…..check your beers, they are probably warm now.

  4. Greg, this is a very valuable post, thanks for sharing this info with the community. As one of the folks who created Salesforce for Google AdWords, I can attest to the accuracy of your content. When working with your agency (MCC#1) and (MCC#2), just be sure that your account is set up as follows:
    Your Agency: MCC#1 with User Interface and API Access MCC#2 with API-Only Access
    If you have any questions for the core team that builds this product, you can always contact us via email at: sfga(at)salesforce(dot)com

  5. Greg Meyers says:

    Kevin, I’m happy to spread the info. I think that is what makes blogging so powerful. If there are other Salesforce & Search related issues you would like for me to discuss with the search folks, I’d be happy to contribute

  6. Jessica says:

    I know this is an older blog post, but I was wondering if there is any work around for getting 3 MCC’s linked to one account?

  7. Greg Meyers says:

    Jessica, thanks for the comments. Can you explain further? you can email me at or skype me at “greggor73”

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