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MSN AdCenter Desktop PPC Tool Leaves PPC Mac People In The Dark

Msn-adcenter-desktop-mac-us As MSN AdCenter continues to remain at the bottom of the SEM (Market Share) Pool, you would think that Microsoft would put their rivalry with Apple aside and focus their efforts on the PPC advertiser and not their Egos. It's surprising, because their support team is pretty good and listens well to their clients, while their online interface and everything else is not that impressive.

Imagine the growth possibilities if they would just make it easier for their advertisers to spend more money by providing a tool that would allow them to manage their accounts more efficiently. The fact that this tool ONLY supports Windows is a little troubling to me in this day and age. As you may know, this Tool (still in BETA) has been available since February 2009 and frankly I am a little bit surprised that there has not been more talk about the lack of MAC support.

Don't you feel like MSN Adcenter is kinda "going thru the motions" but not really understanding the Industry and it's effect in the marketing world? Here are just a few thoughts as to why MSN has dropped the ball on this Tool

  • They figure not too many people are spending enough with MSN anyway to justify the time.
  • Would rather force the PPC Advertiser to use a 3rd party PPC software tool do the work for them
  • They are totally "not in tune" with the Search Marketing Industry as a whole. 
  • Lack of Priority, since they are focusing so much time and effort on BING

MSN does not need a Decision Engine, they just need to make a Good Decision to support their advertisers.

Did you know: If you enter the phrase "Decision Engine" into your Text Ads within MSN AdCenter, they will not allow it?

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  1. naomi says:

    Same goes for Yahoo’s YSM. You can do bulk editting only with CSV and it never comes out without errors. It takes a lot of time to fix the errors. So little traffic with so many bugs just makes it redundant. Both companies should make an easy to use offline editor.

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