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My Recent Visit to the Google Offices in NY

I am sure some of you reading this blog have been to Google’s Headquarters and know what the offices and atmosphere are like, but I recently had the unique opportunity to visit their New York Headquarters and meet with my Agency Team, and I must say I was very impressed and oh yeah that have this little Cafeteria which is better than any 4 star restaurant in Philly I have ever been to. But before I discuss my amazing lunch, I want to talk about the atmosphere. It’s one of those high energy yet tranquil places where you feel like your a Techie Genius on the verge of making a difference. (photo courtesy of

Since I forgot to bring my camera, I find this Photo Gallery of The Google New York Headquarter from

There were many rooms and offices each with their own special names. (I can’t remember them now) Everything room was covered in glass and was as clean as Disney World where you could literally eat off of the floors. Ok, always going to back to food. The only gripes I had with this trip was that I was unable to get Wireless Access and a place to stay and work while I wait for my train back to Philly. But overall, I was given an excellent .ppt presentation that was by NO means "over-complicated". The Agency Reps were very courteous, polite and informative and it was like we all spoke with same geeky SEM Language. It was definitely a career highlight for me.

Ok, now to the Lunch. Geez, what can I say, the Google Cafeteria was absolutely amazing. I mean c’mon, they call it a cafeteria, but it was more like I was given a "flex capacitor by Doc Brown" – Back To the Future Movie and I was literally going in/out of different 5-7 countries and choosing from their unique and famous cuisines.  It was just a totally different experience. The Food Network needs to do a segment or even an episode on the Google Cafeteria.

Here is what I had during my Visit:

  • Salmon Florentine
  • Steamed Fennel with candied walnuts
  • Butternut Squash with a hint of cinnamon
  • Macadamia Nut Cookies
  • Carribean/spearmint tea
  • Mocha chino flavored Italian Gelato
  • Bottle are electrolyte enhanced water

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