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New Blockbuster Movie Uses Social Media to Determine Ending

Ok folks, we are not surprised that this was bound to happen. Imagine, using the power of social media and interactions of millions to determine the ending of a big, blockbuster movie? Well, it’s happened! Let’s Discuss

In a recent Press Release, "Twentieth Century Fox has teamed with Moxie Interactive have create a new application that allows the world to decide who and what will be saved when the earth "stands still."  It’s part of a global participation campaign for Fox’s upcoming movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still , which opens in North America on December 12, and in other countries on December 10." So you are wondering, who is going to be participating? Well according the Press Release, it utilizes seven of the world’s top social networks – including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Netlog – across 10 languages.

So what is the BIG scene that the World Will Decide?
Question:  If the earth was under attack what would you save?

  • Google Headquarters
  • Twinkie Factory
  • NAPA Valley
  • Sullivan’s Steakhouse

What is expected of the Online User?
They are being asked to build what is called a "Vital List" of 12 items (people, places or things) they would save on "the day the earth stands still." The Press Release also states that "Vital lists can be shared with friends encouraging feedback and votes on which items are truly vital. The world’s most vital items will be tabulated on a global micro site, at The site also provides visitors with a view on how items are being ranked around the globe. A countdown to the film’s US release (12/12/08) will coincide with a special reveal of the world’s 1,212 most prized possessions on

Why is 20th Century Fox and Moxie Interactive doing this?

According to the Founder and CEO at Moxie Interactive,  Kris Zagoria states "The campaign was designed to gain network participation and build, through word-of-mouth, awareness for the The Day The Earth Stood Still. This program will connect consumers with the movie by employing a creative application that naturally fosters conversations, This is the first time that a digital campaign has ever leveraged an array of social networks, creating a truly interactive application of global proportions."

How can I submit my favorite ending?
Just visit website The Day The Earth Stood Still ‘Earth’s Vital List

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