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Obama Campaign Getting Smarter with Google Adwords

In my last post I talked about how John McCain and the Republican party have effectively used Paid Search as a vehicle for attacking Obama and the Democratic Party. However, as the election nears and another round of attacks on Obama’s character by the McCain campaign, Obama is now showing signs of life by defending these attacks and also attacking McCain using a "more subtle" yet effective paid search strategy. Let’s discuss.

As the news media is and has been reporting the latest McCain-Palin attacks on Barack Obama and 60’s radical William Ayers, when you do a Google Search on "Ayers" you see this PPC Ad from Obama’s campaign (see below). What is most interesting about this PPC Ad and overall Strategy is that the traditional use of Paid Search has now transformed into a "more quieter" way to defend these campaign attacks that are originated in Blogs, Campaign Speeches and Television Newsrooms across the country.

PPC "The Defense Mechanism"

In the past, it was up to the campaign manager or a speech to denounce negative attacks, but as the campaigns realize the influence search marketing has on their campaign, they are using it as a defense mechanism of TV/Radio and Print media coverage.

PPC "The Attack Mechanism"

Obama’s also using it as a "Counter-attack" strategy on McCain’s past relations with Keating 5 and a financial crisis. In this case, Obama takes it even further by creating an additional website to talk about McCain’s past. This is significant, because it tells you of the "depth" at which the campaign will go to make an influential impact on the perception of his opponent.

In conclusion:

The media is in a frenzy over this 2008 Presidential Election and the campaign attacks are getting worse and are coming from both parties, obviously more from the McCain-Palin Campaign. But in my world of PPC Land, what we are seeing in Search Marketing is undeniably HISTORIC. Why? Well, because it has risen to such a high level that all Campaigns are using it as a major influence vehicle based on what has been said in other media. Search Marketing is traditionally used to drive traffic, but in this case, it’s more of a MESSAGING TOOL to both attack and defend what has been said by both political campaigns in the hope that they can "persuade" the voters to their advantage.

Let’s just hope that after the election on November 4th, 2008, all of the Data Exhaust that will be collected by agencies and campaigns who are involved in this race, and other Congressional Races will have learned something from Search Marketing and deploy both similar and new tactics in future elections and possible other events in our country’s history.

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