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Paid Search Becoming A Software Idea Goldmine

As the life cycle of PPC continues to evolve, we are seeing an increased visibility by known and unknown software companies who are building programs to help PPC Marketers "novice and experienced" do their job. Problem: They need to realize that even though automating the PPC process can be beneficial, removing the human element of past experience, creativity and the ability to think "outside the box" can not be altered or automated. Throughout the past year, I have seen these  companies making strides to improve the process. Let’s discuss….

One company came to me and asked me for a review of their product and not only was that a great experience to be in a position to review this software from an entrepreneur perspective, but also as a SEMGeek. Now, even though they provided me with very small compensation for my time and I did not want to give away the farm, I simply reviewed their business model, asked questions regarding methods/techniques and general audience targeting questions. After looking back from this experience, it reaffirmed my previous thoughts that the market is telling us that the future of PPC is going to be about saving time and streamlining the processes rather than strategic hands-on implementation. In addition, I am not so sure that packaging PPC software as an "all-in-one" solution promising amazing results based on automation and marketing it to the mass public is the correct answer.

Another company contacted me recently and also asked for me to review their software product. I did not review it yet but this one is a little bit different than the previous company. This software is geared to building a solution to help agencies and Search Marketers effectively and simultaneously manage/create campaigns for Google, Yahoo and MSN all in one place like the Google Adwords Editor. Ironically, this company contacted me based on my past article entitled 2008 Wishlist: Universal Adwords Editor for Yahoo Search and MSN AdCenter which is exactly what this company is doing.

In conclusion:
In a world filled with entrepreneurs, great ideas and a booming industry, it’s very easy to expect this movement from companies. The part that scares me a little is the intentions of the software firms. The last thing we want is for some software firms to preach what they want you to hear so they can profit from their evangelistic endeavors. What I mean is, if they created a solution for which "they" think is important doesn’t make it right or even factual. Also, as Google, Yahoo and MSN continue to change their algorithms and push towards a more viral and contextual marketplace, how are these companies complimenting their efforts for that? Does it matter to them? Is it just a matter of time and already in the pipeline to lure in more investors? Who knows!!

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3 Responses to "Paid Search Becoming A Software Idea Goldmine"

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  2. Great post!
    Especially since we are one of the start-up companies tyring to understand the balance between automation, the human experience and the web 2.0 social intelligence 2.0 model.
    Regarding the ‘what they want you to hear’ comment.
    We’re finding that our opportunity lies within the fact that most of the companies in the paid search feeder market are running legacy business models that target higher spend clients ($50K+/month PPC spend). These guys are painting themselves into a corner with higher infrasctructural expenses. They will find it difficult to deal with competitors that work under the social intelligence model (a la CraigsList & PlentyOfFish).

  3. Mark Owens says:

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